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How To Work In Internet Marketing;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing the articles, that you read.

You’ll also find affiliate links to items of interest, for building an online business or running one.

If you decide that there is a better way to make these operations, easier or better way please be my guest.

But if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission, “Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Hears The Sharpest Way;

How to find yourself around on the internet, all you have to do is start following me here at, Razor Edge Affiliate.

I’m constantly looking for the best safest, and most honest. marketing platforms online, there are a bunch of good ones out there.

But right upfront, there is a bunch that wants nothing more than to take your money.

Or your identity, so you really need to be careful while you’re out there looking for an online business, come on In.

And let  Razor Edge Affiliate takes care of this for you because I’m always on the lookout for the best,

Most equipped, honest learning platforms online, I can safely and honestly tell you that Wealthy Affiliate.

==>Check Out The Site That’s Here To Help<==

Is the one you are looking for that I feel is the 1 in which you can, not only learn how to pick your niche.

And a good domain name, the best keyword tool the quickest and best SEO, to get you to the top of the Google ranks.

As quickly as possible, will also teach you everything about writing an article, post, or blog.

Keeping The Search Engines Happy;

To keep Google Yahoo and Being happy the happier these guys are the closer to page 1 you’ll get as quickly as you’ll be able to.

Get to the top of it, and once you get to the top, of page1 with Google, Yahoo, and Bing the more traffic.

You’ll get in the more traffic you get, the more sales you’ll make the teacher’s little stuff like, how to pull in.

More sales one of the little secrets I teach you is the more people you help the more popular your site will be.

The more popular your site is, the more visitors you’ll get, this is the key to a successful website they’ll teach you.

The best way you can get the best traffic is so I And Razor Edge Affiliate will back Wealthy Affiliate.

As the one that is out doing the competition with their honesty, attention to the community training, and the help desk.

Is second to none, I mean I work for a couple of affiliate programs that use a helpline one time then.

They will ban you from it, indefinitely, I feel that Razor Edge Affiliate has found the sharpest marketing.

The learning platform there is online. and it comes equipped with the Jaaxy Keyword tool.

Traffic The Make You or Break You;

Here’s another aspect Razor Edge Affiliate, checks on manual traffic exchanges, I found a bunch their not really scams because.

You don’t really have to pay anything, well some of them you may have to pay something, they are called.

Pay per click or PPC, and here you don’t do any ads surfing the surfing sites is a community that offers.

Their sites for viewing and intern checks your site’s out but I normally use free manual traffic exchanges.

I’ve also got them categorized by the amount of time you have to Surf these sites, I’ve seen them anywhere.

From 16 seconds all the way down to six seconds.,at any time I’ll have 8 to 10 manual surf exchange sites.

Listed in my back office, some you have to watch for 6 seconds, some 8 seconds, 10 seconds 12 seconds, and 16 seconds.

The 6-second ones, I’ll view from 50 pages to 100 pages, the 8-second ads I’ll surf.

From 25 to 50 views, 10-second ads from 25 to 50 views, the 12 and 16 seconds timed views, I won’t go over 25 views.

Because of the time involved, you see the fewer stares the less time unit the question marks but the more stars you have the longer you surf.

Cutting Out The Bad Apples;

Until the top views I have assigned them then, I’ll view them for about a month, I rank them with question marks or Stars.

If they get three question marks these are bad things I will unlink them, not use them anymore.

And write a negative review on them, but if they owned up to all my expectations they’ll start getting little stars.

It’s funny but the more stars they have, the more time I spend on them. after 5 stars.

I’ll write a good review on them and keep using them, now the timing of these things doesn’t really matter on the rank.

Except it could end up being the end of that manual traffic exchange’s but as long as it delivers hits.

To my site being a 6-second timer or 16-second timer I’ll keep them I may not serf the longer timers very long.


My top number one manual traffic change is Traffic Ad Bar it carries a 10-second timer but the way.

They have it all set up it doesn’t seem to take as long to surf these 10 seconds as it does the others.

It comes with a funnel, of course, the deeper in the funnel you get the more traffic you get.

And after every 25 pages, you get extra hits, hits, or views in your sight and I haven’t found one of them that can offer.

The number of hits I get on my site compared to the Traffic Ad Bar although there are about half a dozen of.

==>Check Out The Site That’s Here To Help<==

These are manual surf sites. that I’m going to keep active because even Traffic Ad Bar needs a little help.

And it’s dang good to keep around for the traffic and all, and Traffic Ad Bar doesn’t have all those little contests.

Games and all like all the others, although these activities keep you occupied, and you kinda get to enjoy a little time.

While you surf ads, but I hate to be partial Traffic Ad Bar does a good enough job that it just doesn’t need.

Games and things like that, to keep me occupied.

Keeping Bussy;

Razor Edge Affiliate keeps me busy enough, so there comes a time when you have to stop concentrating on traffic.

And writing some articles and using the experience the Wealthy Affiliate has bestowed on you because.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic is coming into your site because if you don’t have good fresh articles.

For your visitors to read, everything Wealthy Affiliate teaches you will be out the window you will fail.

If you’re not willing to write articles, bunches, and bunches of articles, enough articles you won’t realize it.

Until you start doing a blogging site, but not to worry like I said Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything.

You need to know for a thriving business, is right here so let’s button down, and let’s get started, and let’s get lucrative.

Not A Get Rich While You Sleep;

The only problem with Wealthy Affiliate is it’s not one of those make 6 figures without doing anything sites.

While you sleep without doing anything sites, stop looking, there is just not one of those BS sites out there.

I promise this to you, but I have checked around. and I do have a couple of things.

A person could try, SFI If you don’t mind getting paid to do auctions, games, selling items they have for sale.

And working with the down line which you’ll grow very quickly, and you need to get used to because.

SFI has an abundance of members to let you win, earn, or purchase, as privately sponsored affiliates.

When they do or purchase anything you’ll get a commission, as well if you purchase or do anything.

You’ll also get that commission.

Those Stupid Games On Your Phone;

Those silly games you get on your telephone, that are supposed to be paying real money, you’ll start these things.

They will be a building properly, and the closer to the amount that they will let you withdraw the amount.

You’re winning starts shrinking drastically. like the games, I played they’ll start.

And every time you win you’ll get $5 or $10 it is I got closer to winning $100.

I was at $75 like I said my winnings I was getting started going down to like $0.02 when you would win.

So those games are silly scams, kinda I never had to pay for one, I just figured they were going to give me.

Was the money out of the advertisements that I had to watch.

But Razor Edge Affiliate says to steer clear, if you’re anything like me I don’t really like staying on the phone that long.

And you would have to play games.

==>Check Out The Site That’s Here To Help<==

For 12 hours just to get anything out of them, but I am looking at it some other money-making systems.

When I feel safe to let you have them, but I’m going to work with them, if their BS I’ll leave you  a bad review.

Or if they satisfy my expectations I’ll give a good review with another system that I will back.

In Conclusion;

I’m trying something new, this is going to be the static page of my Razor Edge Affiliate site and I wanted to let my readers know.

Just what Razor Edge Affiliate is all about, my home the ones that taught me everything I know about online marketing, the  Wealthy Affiliate.

Is the first and Main Razor Edge Sharp affiliate platform, it makes all of Razor Edge Affiliates criteria, you can either sell what you desire.

Are you can sell Wealthy Affiliate, the owner and co-owner, and training person Jay will jump out there and get intimate on the chat line with you,

These guys are so busy, and they still have time to come out and help, and meet everybody on the chat line, The Wealthy Affiliate help learn is definitely second to none.

These are the reasons Wealthy Affiliate is my main Razor Edge Affiliate is the Sharpest affiliate program, out there in my eyes.

Please leave me a comment with any issues or ideas, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours I’m always looking for new input.

Thank You,

Bill Wright





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