Benefits Of An Online Business

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Benefits Of An Online Business

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Why Are You Looking For An Online Business;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing the articles, that you read.

You’ll also find affiliate links to items of interest, for building an online business or running one.

If you decide that there is a better way to make these operations, easier or better way please be my guest.

But if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission, “Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Let Me Explain;

I started welding in high school, I thought it was cool as hell the metals teacher was letting us do something that was so, hands-on and hot.

I mean the rest of the metal trades were intriguing with the lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and surface grinders I guess I’m hands-on.

Sort of fella, although I learned a little bit in the rest of the class, it was interesting enough that I took metal triads, for 2 years for welding.

Although, after the second year in high school my junior year the career counselor, informed me that I was going to have to repeat my junior year.

==>If WE Only Had The Internet<==

Because I was short 1/2 credit, I pleaded with her to wave that silly 1/2 credit, in her stupid little giggle she told me that she couldn’t do that.

God Knows What’s Going To Happen;

That I was going to have to repeat my junior year so I informed, her that I wasn’t going to be back next year, she did that stupid laugh and said oh yes you will Bill.

So schools let out for the summer in 1974, the second week into the summer I got caught going across the damn into Oklahoma.

With just a bit of party material, like less than 1 very green unmatured cannabis, now in the ’70s pot was still known as the heathen killer of young adults.

And Oklahoma was trying to hang me on this, so Mom got me a lawyer which told me if I went into the military, he could get all the charges dropped.

So my funfilled last summer from school kinda got interesting, in fact, the next 4 years, instead of welding in some hot-ass welding shop.

I served my country in the United States Navy, working the most dangerous chaotic job in the world, and fell in love with it, you see at this time.

You Need To Listen To You Savior;

I should have listened to God, he knew I wasn’t going to like welding due to the hot ass summers and cold-ass winters you see no welding shop.

Has very good climate control at all, other than space heaters, in the winter and open doors in the summer, the fans blow hot air in the summer.

And the space heaters never reach where you’re working, and as hot as a welding arc is it doesn’t heat the area you’re in, so welding isn’t nearly as much fun.

And the bad part for most of you that work for the man, you haven’t the freedom to go do what you need to without marking yourself.

You know what I’m talking about, when there is a cut back you find yourself on the list for lay off permanent or not, so. your life has just made a turn.

And It Wasn’t For The Best;

Although I did have these feelings because my wife of 40 years decided to have the most major stroke you could have without death.

Now even though I was told by this christen owner that it was ok that I went home on break, and check my wife out and lend a hand.

If there were sporting events going on which was usually a dirty pair of pants or being on the floor, I never was more than 10 min. late.

But it was right about to hear at this time I started looking for other means of taking care of our new life, I did this for almost a year.

 ==>If WE Only Had The Internet<==

Now as christen as they sounded they docked me every time and my net worth dwindled rapidly, to where I was having to pay my rent in 2 shots.

Go to the food bank every week, constantly asking for help on one or more bill’s from month to month, I asked for help with my wife I couldn’t get help from social security,

Thank God I Had Started Looking;

At this time, my landlady was ok with this, though and so it seemed like things were sailing ok, but I continued my online looking, for an alternate income like the Wealthy Affiliate.

After doing this through one of the coldest winters in some time, remember what I told you welding arc doesn’t heat up your area, after a few warm winters.

And the loss of some clothes due to thieves and weather damage is a long story, it all boils down to I didn’t have the clothes for this kind of weather.

So I looked lied and tried my best to make the new christen lead man happy, now don’t get me wrong IbeliveIn God and that there was  Christ, and he’s our savior.

But if you didn’t make his bible study every morning to the point of he gets in trouble for the length of time he would use up, I’ll be.

God and the main boss would have, been ok with a morning prayer, but if you didn’t make these daily prayer meetings not officially, but he would hold it over you’re head.

The Time Had Come:

After one very hot, dry, and miserable summer, you know the ones I’m talking about you almost don’t want to stand in front of a fan because.

You can almost see the heat waves rushing in the back of the fan and blowing out the front, like the waves coming off the desert highway.

But you have a choice the first choice is to try and at least dry the sweat standing in front of the fan or try to save your job by striking an arc.

Which is more than 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, and to top this off you can’t have even the fan that blows heat because they do Mig Welding.

==>The Heat And The Man Started Getting Under My Skin<==

Which uses an inert “Gas”  to shield the weld like the flux on a rod, to push me closer to the online thing, I had developed diverticulitis.

Where when this flared up it made it difficult to even dance it or do anything much less make a weld and that kind of heat.

And Then The Career Changer;

Do you remember the new lead man I talked about earlier, his name was JT, and he knew more than most priests about the bible.

He got to study it in-depth for 7 years in the most dedicated learning place there is if you let it, from metals work to clergy it’s all there.

Oklahoma State Pinatentury system, and in fact held his bible study for other inmates, I promise he taught me things about the bible.

And proved it things that if other pitchers had shown me at a younger and more accepting mind, I might have made some more intelligent decisions.

After all that I know you’re not going to understand or believe what I’m about to tell you because I still do respect this man, In fact, I still count him as a friend.

But good old JT just couldn’t accept my need of having to go home and miss some times not all the time 5 to 10 minutes depending.

 If I had Personal Chores;

Depending on if I had personal chores that needed attending to, so Jt traded me for another man from up at the front of the company right in front of the office doors.

It’s known to be the place they put you to watch you, ask me if I was happy with what the man had come up with, but funny how things can play out sometimes.

==>The Heat And The Man Started Getting Under My Skin<==

You have a man that has been a loyal employee, for more than 3 years, that has had 2 life-changing events, the personal one diverticulitis.

Which with the 103 degree summer days, and his need to just stop and breath while his pain meds take hold, and the loved ones, a stroke.

Which is taking the very valuable time, that most employees are using to get back to their workstations anyway, and a cut back on staffing.

The Straw That Broke The Marketing Choices Back;

I just wonder why My Name Came up, on veterans day, me being an honored veteran,  this really struck home but not like the last string Texoma Manufacture pulled.

With taking out of my comfort zone, and putting me in the strike zone, damn it’s kinda like having friendly fire called in on you’re position. 

Any way this expedited me and Wealthy Affiliate, to become close as any family, and I haven’t regretted one second doing it, just ask me if I miss.

The hot and cold work atmosphere, the leaders you just think you can trust, even that buddy you’re working with, just toss that southern hospitality out the window.

Even the people you thought were behind you like you were behind them when it comes down to push, to shove, you’ll find out you’re true friends.

Hears a HAHA, One is the loneliest number except the number 2, 2 is the loneliest number because the other number will stab you in the back.

In Conclusion;

I have shown you the trigger that kicked my desire for an online business, the hot the cold the lies the backing out of permission.

When you’re the one it’s hard to back out permission, and even harder for you to lay yourself off, you can pray at your and God’s convenience.

Not some ex-con that learned the bible setting in a cell, I mean God bless JT it could have gone in a completely different direction.

What I mean to say is JT could have come out of the penitentiary a chest-thumping ass hole from the joint, instead, he does really mean good.

Like I said I wasn’t upset at JT or really Texoma manufacture. the company didn’t do anything except, lay a vet. off on veterans day.

And made said veteran, and his handicapped wife homeless for almost 1 year, so the first year I have been working with the online thing.

It’s been on the LaQuinta Inn’s guest computer, I got my laptop when I got my Stemules check, all in all, these were the triggers that enticed me.

Along with the $1331.00 Social Security says that you can make it on this, after all, they don’t care if you’ve got to pay $600.00 a month.

Just for rent now that we have an apartment, plus all the other things needed that you need cash for like Food, medicine, utilities, insurances.

It all pushed me into the choice to start making money online with the Wealthy Affiliate.

Leave a comment with concerns, and ideas I’ll answer within said 24 hour period.

Thank You,

Bill Wright








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