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About Bill

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Hi welcome to my site, Razor Edge Affiliate, It’s here to help you find the sharpest business online today, from the most honest community I have had the pleasure of working with, they will show you every step of the way from getting your domain, building one top-notch website up and running in literally seconds, and show you all the little shortcuts to establishing you’re passions into a very lucrative business.

How about a little History

As far back as I can remember, Dad had a store, it was a small neighborhood Market, He must have been doing pretty good because he had bought 2 other store locations their names were Fred’s Food’s as I was in about the 5th grade the #1 store was about half a block from the house I grew up in and 3 blocks, let me tell you I was everyone’s buddy it didn’t matter how fat I was, you see I would stop at the store on the way to school and load up with candy and all sorts of thing yea buddy at least till I got to junior high school.

==>Very Interesting Way To Look At It<==

Things had changed I carried that wonderful figure from the 5th grade 205 pounds, so when I went to Junior high away from the store and athletics made me close to normal until my last year in junior high school, a life-changing event, happened that literally booted me from riches to rages.

Around April 16th at midnight while Dad was closing the store and getting the bank together as he did every night he would close out 31 then go to 32 and collect the bank draft there then to #3 to do the same, a bit in this night 2 guys that had been trading with dad for a couple of years decided that they needed my Dads money more than My Dade, you see they were going to get that deposit and take dad to the other 2 stores and clean him out.

When they got him outside he did exactly the opposite of what he always told his employees he said don’t fight for my money, you give it to them, and then after they leave then call the police, dad listen to what you preach Father He put up a big fight, they both crosses fired on him and crossing of the rounds pretty much terminal he lived long enough to tell the man across the street who they were and which way they went.

So there you go they took my father’s life for $75.00 and some returned checks, so as you can see I have marketing in my blood and wanting to keep the blood right where it is this is the reason for INTERNET MARKETING, no face to face with the public, and sell what you’re passionate about.

The Real Reason I Want To Help,

After all, the whole trying to get this online business going has had a bunch of up’s and down’s and scams and life challenges in itself, has taken in directions I would never imagine, so my real reason for even being here right now spilling my life story to you is to help you not run into the ups and downs and scammers as I did.

Now I’ve found this opportunity surfing for that online business, that will show the ropes of truly building an online business unlike that push the button and get 6 figures these things are almost always a scam, they never work, and if they do it’s either temporary, or you’ll look like you’re making money but try and withdraw said money.

So after all the BS, I have found on the way to help people like you, that are interested in a business without all the cost of a brick and mortar business where you’re in the direct line of fire from the nuts you have to deal with day by day, it’s like which one of these idiots have a gun and want to rob you, and you won’t need to clock in every day to a man that’s getting rich off of you. In my heart, I don’t think we’re meant to live that way, the only way or reason it will get that way, because the man started off like you and found that one road for him but take a better look at you’re road is it internet marketing?


The goal of my site https://razoredgeaffiliate.com is here to help you understand how to spot scams, stay away from them, build a top-notch top speed, ultra-secure website, that will give you a profitable money-making business, for pennies compared to a brick and mortar business, which is much safer, without the person to person physical contact.

==>Very Interesting Way To Look At It<==

And nowadays with Panadimics, crime rate being up, cash flow altered, believe me, with what I’m trying to help you with, in the future in shopping, it’s like you can buy anything online but you’re very much limited finding something out in the crazy, infected human race.

And help you find a community that’s fun friendly and doing backflips to help, so hear give me your hand and let me help you into you’re personally controlled business, and out from under the BOSS, after all, you do know what that stands for spelled backward don’t you, Sorry Son Of A Bitch.

So come on and let me help you with Financial Freedom, Safety, and Stability through my website razoredgeaffiliate.com

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bill Wright
razoredgeaffiliate.com w                                                                                                                        bw022756@gmail.com


2 thoughts on About Bill

  • Sergej June 12, 2021Reply

    Hello there?

    The article offers great content about transacting safely online. Would you please talk in-depth about the different types of online frauds? The fact that when you run your business online, you get no gunpoint situations makes it safer. The online scams put people down and make some run away from affiliate sites. Your effort to enlighten online entrepreneurs on the safe side of online business has amazed me. I look forward to learning from you and sharing this article with my friends too. Thank you for sharing.

    All the best,


    • admin June 12, 2021Reply

      No, thank you sir for you’re wonderful comment, it’s the reason I’m trying to do this online so some asshole cant come in shoot me over $75.00, and some retund checks, like DAD, 

      Thank You  For Your Comment,

      Bill Wright 

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