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Choose Right Door-for an online business

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Theirs So Many Doors;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, you are paying, I’m paid a percent of the seller’s earnings, and not add on in any way.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

You Know All Those Doors;

Hear le

t me lead you through them so you don’t make the same mistakes I have,

You know, all those doors you’ve got to go through, just to find that right door to the right online business, and trying to choose the right one.

Do you know the one you’re looking for, honest above all it needs to be honest, honest to a fault, after all, you don’t need any thieving scammers knocking on your door.

==>Check Out The Closer Look<==

No Matter how far you’ve got to go to find your personal door, and with a world that has so many doors, how do you distinguish it from the right door.

The door to the perfect place to learn to avoid Scammers, thieves, and time-wasters, and believe me, there’s enough of them, to go around to everyone twice.

Well let me put you to rest first off, all this searching you do, right from behind your personal door when you jump online in the living room, so when you leave.

Remember Which Way You Went;

After all, we’re at this time actually living in a virtual world, as you look out of you’re virtual door, you can see the prelude of doors you’re looking to explore, for that perfect honest online business.

Staggering isn’t it, not to worry I’ve looked out of that door I actually saw all those doors, the very first thing to remember is which way you headed when you left out.

Thank God for the computer memory, LOL but as you search or stroll, a word to the wise, just search don’t jump on anything yet, get yourself a list.

As you’re window shopping, be looking for the review Door, if you haven’t found it just keep walking, but if you have you need to go in there and take what you have put on your list.

And run all the opportunities you have come across, man look at them all these really look cool free, earn while you sleep, just plug in and forget it and watch the hundreds come in.

I Can Tell You Right Now;

Those aren’t ever legit, remember if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is more than likely to, good to be true just be careful of these.

There are a bunch of doors to examine one that looks cool and proper but it does sound kinda outlandish $1 Dollar Rogger, and yes I’m still behind this door test driving it.

And so far it’s not showing me much either No One Believes you can make a living off of investing just a dollar or I just don’t know I give it three or four months, and we’ll definitely keep you updated on that one.

==>Check Out The Closer Look<==

It’s one of those Do little, spend little, and hope for a lot, but the lot has yet to be seen, you will come across a bunch of these doors going down this long hallway.

Some are legitimate but you just can’t afford them, there are a few free ones out there also, but you got to watch what you stepping off into,

There Not Scams, Or Thieves;

You see I don’t know what to call this one so listen up this is a strange one, WE Share Abundance, I tried this one for a few months and this is the way this one travels.

You join for free, the WESA’s you earn isn’t yours, what you have done is earn the right to use their WESA’s this is We Share Abundances currency.

Now all you have to do is log in daily and read any messages, to start you only earn 0.01 a day for logging in, you have 6 pools you have got to keep up.

==>Its Flat Out Financial Abuse<==

One pays for the next one as the pool, numbers go up, so does the pay, the price goes up and so does the pay the more left overpay there is now this left overpay is yours.

It’s Not All Roses;

But you have got to keep all the pools current and this is a monthly thing, it sounds good and probably is but if you ask too many questions and I only asked like maybe 10 questions.

After the 10n questions they just flat out banned me from their HELP DESK yeah OK. I was with them for right at 9 months and felt if they won’t let me use their help desk why should I let them use the money I made.

==>Check Out The Closer Look<==

Because I was having problems with their system, I’m sorry at this time, my main focus was learning Wealthy Affiliate, and We Share Abundance’s training eas on videos, but they don’t like helping a newbie out.

Even though that’s one of their selling points Newbie friendly, so what would you call it, to constantly show you what you’re making and try to withdraw but not be able to withdraw,  this isn’t right free or not.

Let Me Show You;

Let me show you the right door you should look for, this is the one with the heroes behind it, the door marker will resemble this one.

When you go in you’ll meet Kyle and Carson 2 of the most honest and hard-working men I know, Kyle is the one you’ll see more Carson is the Techy one.

There is, another one of these guys, his name is Jay he is the one that’s in the know about all that has anything to do with marketing and he does all the live training classes.

Yeap this is the door to go in and make you’re self comfortable, there is a whole live chat community looking for nothing more than you to succeed.

==>Check Out The Closer Look<==

They will answer any and all questions you have heard you’ll meat all, even Kyle and Jay will come in and lend a hand helping on occasion.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show everyone that there is more than one system out there and there’s a bunch of them that are not legit, but you have the ones that could be legit but you’re just not sure.

My input on that is if you can’t get it going right it’s probably not right if not that maybe it’s just not right for you maybe you just don’t have the experience for that program.

I believe this is what I ran into when I tried We Share Abundances I just didn’t have the experience to be the new be they were looking for.

But I do know I wasn’t all that comfortable with them, and I didn’t like every month looking up $150 and not being able to withdraw it.

In my eyes, I think you should be able to know who owns the site communicate with who owns aside and be able to withdraw your phones when they’re available.

Leave a comment I will be back with you as soon as possible,

Thank You,

Bill Wright




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