Commercial Truck Driver Salary-is it worth it? the WA

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Commercial Truck Driver Salary-is it worth it? the WA

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Truck Driver Salary In USA

Although the yearly salary of an owner-operator Truck Driver on the norm is just a bit higher than most.

I know when you first get into driving you will probably drive for a company as I did, hears just a few, Maverick, TMC, CR England, and USA Trucking.

There’s literally 100’s of these trucking company’s, either Felt Bed, Dry Box, Reefer, Tankers, Hoppers, Car Haulers,  Boat Haulers, Over-Sized, and Heavy Hall.

All pay somewhere between $50,000.00 a year and $70,000.00 a year maybe $100,000.00 if you’re an owner-operator that can pay more, but on a normWealthy Affiliate.

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

Now you’re Flatbed, your  Boat Haulers, the Over-Sized, and Heavy haul get the better annual Salary, But when You take a look at the whole package, just remimber thers always time.

Things kinda look different, this annual salary’s that I have mentioned, sounds good until you calculate the cost of buying, owning, keeping legal, and maintenance.

Of said truck, and the more truck you have the more money you’ll be out, but also the more money you have access to.

The Cheapest Way;

I remember a sticker on this custom Rig, it said it costs lots to be fancy, well let me tell you it cost plenty just to keep one of these workhorses running, safely and legally.

Now the cheapest, and my recommended, the path is company driver now hear you can train and get you’re CDL if you’re that new.

They will issue you a truck in full safety gear, insurances, registrations, and permits to get and keep you running on their time to make that money.

After all, what in the hell does anyone do in a truck and they pay you anywhere from $0.35. to $0.55 a mile or I liked $0.22 1/2 cents a mile after taxes.

Garuantyee Home On Weekends;

Most flatbed companies guarantee weekends home, this great if you can get home on Friday if you get home Saturday you have 1 full day at home.

Because all companies want the first load delivered first thing Monday morning so you normally have to leave midday Sunday to get to your consignee

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

While you’re driving for some companies, they will give you an option to actually purchase your own truck really cheap, and as long as you drive for them.

They will tote the note you might say, they will do the upkeep, as long as you’re paying on your rig, they will pay you more than a company driver.

Care Of You Truck;

They will keep all your documents up to date,  I believe you start buying your own fuel Not real sure that it might run differently from company to company.

you receive all of this as long as you drive for them, which is a very good thing for a person just getting started, in a wonderful and noble profession.

As a professional class A CDL truck driver, now it will stay this way until you make your last payment at this time.

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

You can either stay with the company or leave and do the owner-operator  Driverthing plus while an owner-operator you don’t have to worry about Team driving.

Really Hate To Bust Your Bubble;

Everyone is always saying how much money, truck drivers make they’re getting rich yeah OK, no one realizes the cost of just living on the road.

Eating in restaurants and truck stops fast food stores that you can get to, all you’re personal needs, or right at your grasp in most of your Truck Stops at a cost.

All the way through the truck driving lifestyle is expensive why because the truck stops or just like everyone else, drivers can afford it so it’s a little more expensive.

So what can a person do after all, where’s the time, and how does a truck driver go look for an extra job after all a good driver gets up at sunrise.

Unless you like to drive at night, he or she eats their first meal it’s either breakfast or supper you know whichever time you prefer to drive then it’s Wealthy Affiliate time.

Load secured

Then you get back to your truck so you set down and start your daily log, you put 15 minutes to do what they call you pre-trip.

You know check the fluids, check the air in the tires, check all your lights, all of them even the fancy ones that you put on if any of them or out.

DOT will ticket you for them also, check your load if your an external hauler like flatbed, and overload, and heavy hall check all your load tie-downs and tarps.

The Trip;

So at this time, you have got to give them 11 hours of drive time with scheduled breaks, like lunch or restroom or fuel which is all logged down.

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

Now you’re driving time is running out, and you sure can’t afford any shutdowns by DOT for log violations, many companies there’s termination for any log violations.

So there are truck stops all over, there really isn’t any reason to get that fine, if you’re running legal stop by stop in real-time not catch up at quitting time,

Oh No, No Internet

So as you can see the life of a truck driver is, pretty full look at it, and break it down you have 11 hours of drive time.

They give you 1 hour for the breaks you will need it, the 30 minutes for pre-trip and post-trip 8 hours sleep, so as you can see.

You’re Free Time;

You have 4 hours of downtime so just what does a trucker do during these 4 hours, supper more than likely.

Lot Lizard

A lot of them are taking the real personal time if you know what I’m talking about, playing games.

Looking for the famed Lot Lizzard’s, they need to watch out, there’s stuff that diesel won’t wash off out there.

I just wonder if even one of them is considering what they’re going to do when they’re too old for DOT, or the family’s status quo changes.

I Have An Idea;

Before your internet time

These guys should and could be taking an hour or so and learn a very lucrative business, meat some new friends, at the Wealthy Affiliate.

After all, these drivers or in a position to come up with all sorts of content for a website, and I have the most honest informative system in the market.

That’s free to start. if they want to test drive it, you might not know what it’s like to drive the most honest helpful community.

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

That a driver could jump in to, now this thing isn’t one of those, plug it in and get rich overnight things which will be a scam.

Because there’s no such a thing, I’ve tried too many times, and I know this to be true.

Shatering A Dream;

On The Road Again

Now the Wealthy Affiliate is the Razor Edge Affiliate It’s the system that has earned its name by the test of time to be the most honest and sharpest community out there.

It has the friendliest, honest, and most giving founders I’ve ever seen, if you need help with anything if Kyle is busy.

Then there’s a whole community that will do backflips to make sure you have all you need to succeed at this business.

Top speed SEO, best keyword tool in the market the Site Rubiex, you’re content will get indexed in Google very quickly.

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

It’s like this, you get in do you’re post-trip, take your shower, eat supper now there should be plenty of time to learn an online business you can have your own real estate online.

Owning Realstate ;

You can do this business anywhere you have an internet connection believe me making my first website. I had a blast.

You see you sell what you’re passionate about, or you can sell Wealthy Affiliate it’s all up to you, so instead of porn, instead of games.

The Winning Team

Just take a look at a very lucrative second income of what is your idea of an income of $100,000.00 a year which is very possible.

By the time you get tired of or retire from trucking you could be making that and more it’s up to you, but take just a touch of advice.

If you’re not sure about what you’re wanting to sell, sell the WA its like that McDonald’s franchise you’re as much as guaranteed, success.

It’s you’re Brand, it’s what people know you by.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show you, that even with the very full schedule of a truck driver, there’s time to learn and in fact, time to run this Wealthy Affiliate. business.

Just think give it a bit of time, your second job will pay you more than an owner operator’s salary, it’s all up to you.

==>There’s Always Time To Learn<==

You can learn, set up, and run this very lucrative business on the 2 to 4 hours you have, after you shut down to you’re self.

You’re main Brand;

And if you’re looking for something, that might build an income, truck driveing is a good stand-in but your domain at  Wealthy Affiliate.

Will turn into your Branded business, you can check this out if you’re missing your game’s, this is a system that uses games and auctions to make that second income.

Just a touch slow getting started but its quicker than learning a solid business, like the Wealthy Affiliate. but until you’re up and running hears another legit system.

So you don’t have be caught up in not having another line of income.

Retirement is great, but if you had the exstra money, just what would you do travel the world with out 48 grand behind you.

After all you’ve already sean the USA driving  it, now you can retire with the rest of the world in you’re sights.

By air, boat, Car, the worlds is yours to check out if you’ve got the money now.

Please leave me any comment’s on issues and or ideas I’ll be back with in 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


4 thoughts on Commercial Truck Driver Salary-is it worth it? the WA

  • Sergej June 12, 2021Reply

    Hey Bill?

    I totally agree with you in this article. Who is as busy as a truck driver? Yet you have gone down so well to find them some time to get into their wealthy affiliate account when they are free. This article opens my eyes to know no matter how busy I am. I still got time to invest more. The more extra money one can make, it may take care of them during their retirement. I will share this tip with my friends to do way more in our free time. Wealthy Affiliate proves useful when it comes to free time.

    Thanks for the eye-opener,


    • admin June 12, 2021Reply

      Thank you for you’re comment and as always any sharing is a good thing. 

      I was a driver for 7 years and wish I had, Wealthy Affiliate because I can’t drive now in fact I can’t even go out and work part-time anymore so this is very important to me.

      Thank You,

      Bill Wright   

  • shinepage1 June 12, 2021Reply

    Hi Bill am really impressed with how you explain a trucker lifestyle in full detail, also I have learned how the trucking business in US work, been able to buy your own truck and integrate it into the trucking business is an excellent way to increase your income , I found this article very informative and love the part where you offer your readers an advice to sign up to WEALTH AFFILIATE to earn extra instead of watching X rated movie , 

    i can clearly say that your article is very informative , that offer very good advised 

    • admin June 12, 2021Reply

      Thank you I know all this I was a trucker for 7 years and if these guys would focus all their perverted insight into a business they will go far.

      Thank You 

      Bill Wright  

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