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Easy2 Hits Review

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Easy2 Hits;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing the articles, that you read.

You’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving if you decide that there is a better way.

To make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying”.

“If you have any ideas for improvement please leave a comment and we can discuss said ideas or concerns always interested in both.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Is Easy2 Hits Worth Your Time;

How broad can it be Easy2 Hits, well let me bring you to where a big part of my business is starting to Focus on, manual traffic exchanges.

Just like Easy2 Hits, why You Asked the way my observations have been, traffic is the most important part of any website or online business.

Because without traffic, there is no business then there’s no payout, and without no payout, there’s no business, the more traffic you get.

The more money you make the better the business, but hay with Easy2  Hits, you can do both.

Surf for hits or visitors and earn while you surf, wow what a concept as cool as it is.

It’s not new, but none of them pay a hell of a lot of money but you can draw out as little as $1.00.

And the $1.00 is just 1 thing that’s going to keep the doors open, this even holds true.

In any business like brick-and-mortar businesses convenience stores restaurants, and mechanic shops literally any kind of business if you don’t have traffic, face it you don’t have a business.

==>All Good Functions Need’s A Key<==

And when you’re first starting out with an online business, and getting your SEO set up and going, traffic and cash can be a rare commodity.

Time Can Be Your Demise;

Because SEO works with time, and believe me Google isn’t in any hurry for some beginner that Google doesn’t trust.

And what builds true trust? “Time” is what builds true trust, believe me when you have worked for weeks on a product.

Time isn’t something you care to deal with, now this is where traffic exchanges come into play,  which is the easiest way to get more traffic.

Now take note some of these traffic exchanges are a great big waste of time, and I have spent a lot of time, searching for the most responsive manual traffic exchanges.

I’ll bet I’ve surf 2012 ads and close to 100 traffic exchanges and funny is it Matt scene the very first one I worked on was Traffic Ad Bar.

With Google Analytics, I can check back and forth with my site and check just how responsive a manual traffic exchange is.

I compare it with my oldest and most responsive manual traffic exchange site, which is Traffic Ad Bar the reason being.

I haven’t found 1 not even 1 of these traffic exchanges, that delivers any better or even close to the output of TAB.

So What’s The Next Best Thing;

Well knowing that there is more than, in a day, this is about how long I surf Traffic Ad Bar, so as.

I surf sites like Easy2 Hits and as I surf like Traffic Ad Bar I jump between Easy2 Hits & Google Analytics.

==>All Good Functions Need’s A Key<==

Keep looking for the Traffic exchange that you have already surfed, from before throughout the surf session.

Easy2Hits, definitely works I always start with Traffic Ad Bar, then I jump to Easy2 Hits, so far it doesn’t hit any while you’re surfing.

But it will send visitors throughout the day, and believe me, there’s a group of these manual surf sites that just don’t hold up to Traffic Aa Bar.

Or Easy2 Hits, I’ve got about 10 of these manual surf sites and I do Traffic Ad Bar first thing every day.

And all the others I kinda skip around from 1 to another, from one day to another always looking at.

And starting new Sites, mainly looking for that other traffic exchange like Traffic Ad Bar, with no luck.

Easy2 Hits, Is Worth Your Time;

Easy2 Hits, my not show the response that Traffic Ad Bar does but it does on occasion show hits while you’re surfing.

And throughout the day, and Easy2 Hits believe me or not the only other con I could find was.

You have to pay attention, where the counter is it moves from top to bottom of the sites you’re viewing.

Just guessing but it does this to keep you focused, on the ads you’re viewing because when you set there and surf.

Your mind tends to drift after all you should examine their sites as you would want them to examine your sites.

There is another thing you miss with Easy2 Hits, which is the funnel the Traffic Ad Bar has, I believe the funnel is the only thing.

TAB has over most manual traffic exchanges, Easy2 Hits, outdoes most traffic exchanges out there, and best of all it’s free to use.

==>All Good Functions Need’s A Key<==

In Razor Edge Affiliates’ opinion, Easy2 Hits Is definitely not a scam it’s worth a little bit of you’re time but I wouldn’t break a leg to spend a lot of time there.

Because the output isn’t even close to the Maine one, my test key Traffic Ad Bar 

In Conclusion;

I have come to the conclusion, well it’s hard for me to draw this conclusion because there’s so many manual traffic exchange’s. 

It would probably take. more than a year to check them all out in fact I dought you could get all the way through them in a year’s time.

But I’ve checked, more than a group, and Traffic Ad Bar is the only free one you one’s like HBK hear you’ve got to buy your traffic.

And I’ve been told it’s a bit on the pricey side, and there’s no guarantee one of the visitors but you paid for we’ll sign in.

Even without a traffic funnel Easy2 Hits does a pretty good job, it shows hits while you surfing, and for days after just not the volume.

Of Traffic Ad Bar, but Traffic Ad Bar sadly does not pay anything on clicks, so the 2 make a Good couple.

There needs to be more than one, line of traffic, because all the traffic, from a manual traffic exchange, is the same people.

So to do much good in a manual traffic exchange such as Easy2 Hits, and TAB, new and fresh articles due to repetition,

And the more traffic exchanges you work from day to day the more different visitors you’ll get, to you’re sites.

All in all Easy2 Hits is not a waste it will furnish good traffic.

Thank You,

Bill Wright






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