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Escaping Road Worker Jobs-more-time-at-home

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The Road Worker Jobs;

It’s kinda funny, the main big saying you hear in this field of Employment, to make money you can’t be afraid of leaving home, and working from sun up till sundown.

And on a norm, it’s 6 days a week, because this is when you’ll be working, while you’re away from home, If you ask you’re boss about it all he will say is what else do you want to do away from home, it’s not like your wife and kids hear.

What do you do after work then because it’s not like you’re going home and returning the next morning, so there you go, you haven’t a thing to do but drink, and watch TV or surf porn, believe me, there are better things to do with your time.

==>There Are Better Ways, Check It Out<==

But nothing that’s going to help with off-time, because in most construction jobs there will always be downtime, weather, finishing jobs, or flat-out being laid off it happens all the time, these or the 3 reasons construction workers lose time.

Suffering Away Time;

The man I worked with and lived with, that’s right during these 5 years of my life I lived with Brian Schwitters more than the woman I love and have been with for most of my adult life.

So just what do you do with your time, if it’s not Tv, Surfing the net, or drinking? besides dealing with danders of assholes that want to start fights, while you’re trying to relax, surf porn, drink or play games.

Well first off I have never liked being away from the woman I gave my life to, and the children I brought into this world, or the house I call home let’s not forget those friends, I guess I’m just not cut from this cloth, like Brian.

He seems to enjoy being out much more than me, although when he’s home there’s as much love between him and his wife as there is between my wife and myself, but I maid $15.00 an hour, and he maid $23.50 an hour.

There Are Better Ways;

It’s taken me damn near about 25 years to get fed up with working for my time instead of my desires, so I went looking and found out that quickly that the internet will screw you over.

Found out quickly that, there isn’t any pay me, and everything will be done for you overnight, Sign up and the more people you sign up the more you make selling what itself, definitely stay away from these.

So I went to thinking the best way to keep from getting ripped off, again was to learn after all knowledge is power or that’s what I’ve been told, I went looking for, well I typed in an honest internet school.

And low and behold this young Asian Man, Jerry, well he changed my life for the good forever, he told me about this Wealthy Affiliate program.

Let’s Have The Rundown;

Wealthy Affiliate Co. owned by Kyle and Carson you’re not going to find 2 of the most honest men in online marketing, I mean Honest to a fault, and itching to make sure you make it with online marketing.

You also have a community that’s your friends and willing to do backflips to help you with any issues you might run across, which is far few in between, due to the training, after all, it’s the best in the industry.

One of the most advanced website builders and hosting in the industry also, a keyword tool that’s second to none Jaaxy, I can say with complete honesty that if you chose Wealthy Affiliate.

To get yourself out of working for the man paying you for your time and not your Passions, that’s correct Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make a substantial living selling your passions, after all, it’s much easier to get excited about something you’re passionate about.

==>There Are Better Ways, Check It Out<==

It’s a positive that you can do this from anywhere you have an internet connection, and laptop, this is where you get that Lap Top lifestyle, you can work on this anywhere and anytime you want to without clocking in.

There’s A Con Or Two;

Yeah that’s right something as honest and doable does have a con or 2 I feel I owe it to you to let you know what they are the #1 Con is, like all businesses it takes time to build a business. like this selling you’re Passions, this is a Con.

Just not a Wealthy Affiliate Con It’s a choice Con, Please let me give you your first word to the wise and explain if you don’t sell the Wealthy Affiliate, and you go for selling your passions please do some studying.

Let me clear this up for you, the training is really close, but selling the Wealthy Affiliate, is a lot like buying a Mcdonald’s franchise, but 12 times cheaper than any franchise, which makes a McDonald’s franchise special.

Your success is pretty much laid out for you, Why you asked, It’s established, it has its Name which is established. it’s their Anker.  after all do you know anyone that doesn’t know the name “McDonald’s.”

iI’s the difference between trying to sell Taco Bell, over Willies Taco’s now who do you think the public will go for, I believe it would be Taco Bell.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show you, you don’t have to leave your home to make a living, sell your time, and not you’re business and BS of the AH that is paying you pennies for dollars worth of your valuable time.

That anyone can do this and own their part of real-estate on the internet, you’re store building, you’re own personal quality Website, for telling you’re passions, hear at the  Wealthy Affiliate, where you can and will start feeling at home.

With a whole community of caring and giving friends or family or however they make you feel, to be there, the family I don’t have, here at home, like they’ve all grown up and gone just me and my wife.

Leave a comment with concerns or ideas I’ll be back to you.

Thank You,

Bill Wright








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