I Need Traffic To My Website!!-Traffic Ad Bar

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I Need Traffic To My Website!!-Traffic Ad Bar

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Ways Get Traffic Your Website;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy, 

 Hundreds Of Traffic Exchange;

There are hundreds of traffic exchanges out there, some better than others, some are free, as some of you have to pay to get your leads into their funnel.

These are bad cuz it’s expensive to buy leads I’m not sure about the cost because I don’t deal with these myself, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to be good enough with SEO.

If you’re patient you can get all the traffic you need, if not there are free traffic exchanges out there, all you have to do is list the website you want traffic to.

==>Check Out My Survival Site<==

Give Them an idea of what it is and go into the surf, most of you have 10 seconds to check out other affiliate’s ads, and this way they have that same chance to see your websites.

You see I spend about three hours every morning I do about an hour and a half with this other company I’m working with, it’s called SFI, then I go to my favorite traffic exchange.

Traffic Exchanges I’m Using;

My favorite traffic exchange and funnel are Traffice Add Bar, it’s free with upgrades available, these are manual traffic exchanges you log in and go, viewing ads.

Are they necessary, no like I said the wealthy affiliate platform will teach you SEO, good enough that when Google realizes that you’re out there,

==>Check Out My Key Traffic Exchange<==

You will start getting ranks and start getting free visits without going to any traffic photos or traffic exchanges or anything like that, but it’s a slow roll.

I worked on my first website for almost six months before I started getting Rank by Google but it was my first one and believe me I’m very much computer illiterate.

But I do know traffic ad bar is on the up-and-up I have checked it tween their stats Google Analytics in traffic and bar shows more hits in my website than any other traffic exchange I found online to date.

The Next Of 5;

That’s right five traffic exchanges I do in the morning, do the same ads on the traffic ad bar, the only reason I have taken on these I’ve tried them is they don’t show immediate traffic like the Traffic Ad Bar.

Black traffic ad bar but as I’m surfing and I checked my Google Analytics you can check to where your traffic is coming from and it is I’m checking I see a lot of Sub-Zero Hits.

This is one of the others that I have signed up for, this Sub-Zero Hits. is just one of three co-op packages I signed up for tthe first is Sub-Zero Hits.

The next one is, Team Surfing club, and the third one of this package is Surf Boss, now I give each one of these three traffic changes the same amount as the traffic ad bar divided into threes.

Now the fifth one Global Hits its one that I signed up for, dang a year-and-a-half ago tried it, compared it to the Traffic Ad Bar and there was no comparison.

==>Check Out My Survival Site<==

The only good thing about it is instead of a 10-second counter it only carries a 6-second counter so you can go through the same amount of ads as you can all the other four in about the same time.

The One I Use The Most;

Like I said when I was first starting out with my first website it was taking me much too long to be able to get visitors in don’t even look around.

So in fact I did drop my first website, with the lack of responsiveness from my visitors, me being a very large man myself felt sorry for everyone else I feel they don’t care that they’re overweight.

And even a nuisance to people around them, believe me because I have tried it’s hard to squeeze a 337 lb man off into a Boeing 737 passenger jet.

==>Check Out My Second Site<==

 They’ve even got to give you seat belt extensions how embarrassing, so after a year-and-a-half, I actually paid my annual du’s, which I found to be very much more cost-efficient.

Razor Edge survival.com was born, yeah it’s taking me almost 6 months to get the visitors up to where I’m comfortable with the number of people coming in.

Thanks to the Traffic Ad Bar, and the fact that I have studied The Wealthy Affiliate  SEO twice now and understand it twice as good, no I’m sure Wealthy Affiliate SEO is in the traffic ad bar.

Main Reasons For The Number Of Visitors;

I think you can take it to the bank, she is how are 6 months I’ve almost doubled the visitors to my new website as I did to my weight-loss website.

It has to be knowledge of a shorter website name, in learning more about working Wealthy Affiliate SEO, plus the traffic ads bar input.


Out of all four of the other traffic exchanges, Sub-Zero HitsSurf Boss, Team Surfing club, and Global Hits, the Traffic Ad Bar is the most responsive it has delivered me so much more visitors.

And anything else out there, no I’m sure there are other traffic changes as good as traffic ad bar, but I haven’t found them you got stuff like the other three hours or the other for I’m telling you about.

Plus the Pay Ones, as I said earlier the main page for the visitor to the finals, yeah they bring a lot of leads lot of visitors at your cost and there is no guarantee.

==>Check Out My Second Site<==

Even one of them will give you their information, name, or one single penny towards your success, so there you have lost the cost of those leads, and there isn’t any money-back guarantee.

My Next Website;

After about a year I was really happy with the progress of my second site razoredgesurvival.com, which I have taken all that I have learned, and started one more due to.


Me knowing that selling online, marketing will get sells quicker than some survival site so guess what you’ve got it I had another child LOL razoredgeaffiliate.com.

What do you think, in the first 3 weeks My new post with my new website had actually got indexed by google, I think I have found my “BRAND” Razor Edge.com.

==>Check Out My Key Traffic Exchange<==

Google seemed to like it, or they recognize it from my survival site, due to my brand name, there is only one Con to this, now I’ve got twice the work 2 times the articles.

Just thank God all I’ve got to do is one time for the traffic exchanges, they each let you advertise 3 to 5 sites, so it’s like sending a group message.

In Conclusion;

Just trying to show the newer members this there are quicker ways to be able to get visitors to a new website other than SEO, even though Wealthy Affiliate will show you.

all you need to know about SEO, and that there are pay-per-click sites, in other words, pay for visitors, and there are manual traffic exchanges.

so that way if not a single person gives you their information you’re not wasting a bunch of money.

On visitors, it’s not going to give you their information, but with just a couple hours of your time, you can have more and better traffic than you’ll get by paying for them.

This way you can work on the appearance of your website and not worry so much about the visitors coming in I always do my first thing in the morning.

That way they’re all done I don’t have to worry about him and I can focus on my articles and any other project I’ve got going online.

Leave a comment on any ideas or concerns and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you,

Bill Wright




2 thoughts on I Need Traffic To My Website!!-Traffic Ad Bar

  • Matiss August 14, 2021Reply

    Yeah, I can only echo that. Buying leads gets expensive very fast. Plus, from what I’ve heard, it’s not like you’re getting quality traffic either, typically. I’ve no idea maybe that’s different now with all the personalized ads and stuff. But it definitely used to be that people don’t really care that much when compared to those that find you organically. To that end, I think SEO is like a billion percent better. 

    I’ll have to try that Traffic Add Bar. It sounds amazing and, from what I can tell, you’ve kind of done the work for us. Meaning, you’ve gone through a bunch of them and suggested what you feel is the better one. I really appreciate that suggestion and all the effort that went into this. Cheers, Bill. 🙂

    • admin August 15, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment Matiss,

      You’re right Leeds and things that you pay for aren’t as good as the ones that are out now to look you up online through SEO.

      Then, due to the fact that they intentionally looked you up online other than being sent somewhere by somebody that has sold their information.

      You have a great day sir,

      Bill Wright 

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