Is Fear Of The Unknown Holding You Back

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Is Fear Of The Unknown Holding You Back

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How To Overcome Fear Of The Unknown;

Hi, Bill Hear;

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“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Just What Was Your Worst Fear?

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I was ever afraid of and I mean that the time it was a Cold Stone fear, now don’t laugh.

Because this was my very first phobia was I’m curious about what your first big fright was? Mine was around the back of the house.

==>Take All The Fears Out Of Your Next Carrer Change<==

At least it was my first rememberable fear, I was old enough to be up running around riding bicycles, the run after the sun was set.

My neighborhood buddies and

I would see who could make it around the house and see who can make it the quickest, hey running into this dark abyss.

Got my heart pumping in my adrenalin flowing more than anything that I can remember up to that date, was it the only one.

Because all the friends would have the same look on their faces in the same squeals coming out of their mouths as they came back into the light.

Only for all the squeals of frat to turn into laughter and much joy, and I spent a bunch of my summer nights at that age doing this fighting my fears.

Everyone Has Them;

Yes everyone has their fears, so alive time everybody faces or confronts their fears on a daily basis, it’s just for most of us the older we get.

==>Good Things Come When You Face Your Fears<==

They are less overwhelming than the fears are, but down inside these fears can hold you back they can interfere with your everyday success.

Even though school I had my little fears, which I did go out of my way to face because of peer pressure, your sphere in school.

Was just flat-out going to the locker room changing into my PE clothes, are removing my PE clothes for the shower to get dressed to go back to class,

This fear was a tough one to fight or face, due to the teasing and ridiculing I got the cost of me being such an oh Beast child, like in the fifth grade. I weighed 201 lb. pinching at my fat rolls it’s really hard for me to deal with.

High School Gave The Tools;

High School gave the tool’s to fight that fear, actually those two tools I’m sorry, the first and most important and influential tool was peer pressure,

==>Take All The Fears Out Of Your Next Carrer Change<==

The second very important tool to help me fight this fear is Athletics, Football, and Track, once I took a bunch of that baby fat and shoved it into places it belong.

Everyone started to treat me a little more like a peer was I Happy Fella another lifelong fear Concord only to have a new one arise.

If you guys are going back to read my biography of the head of my website you would see that I lost my father the year before I was supposed to go to high school.

Yep at the ripe age of 14 years Young my dad was shot and robbed in the store robbery, he lost his life over $75 and some return checks,

==>Good Things Come When You Face Your Fears<==

Believe it or not, this turned out to be a tool to face the next very big self-induced fear and one of the triggers at the end of my junior year.

2 Triggers That Thrust;

#1 The career counselor told me that she was not going to pass me to my senior year, and that summer I got caught crossing into Oklahoma.

A roadblock going across the dam with no way to turn around one very small very green homegrown marijuana cigarette, in which.

==>Take All The Fears Out Of Your Next Carrer Change<==

Brian County Oklahoma wanted to hang me for 1 very Green Very Small Joint.

So my mother got me a lawyer my lawyer told me to go into the military and he could get all of my signs dropped totally, so in the first month of my spring.

You can guess where you could find me 1 very chilled, and very frightened 18-year-old kid, standing in line a whole country away from my home.

Great Lakes Illinois or my fear went away within 20 minutes of being there all of my attention was focused on how to become a sailor, in which I would find my new fear.

Before my training was up;

Didn’t really know what I was doing when I joined My recruiter gave me a test to measure my experience and I scored very high on the common sense category.

The first question out of his mouth was did I like airplanes And I thought airplanes Navy very interesting so I told him I was, he signed me up for the ABH “A” school.

Where I indeed found my next fear, Bunches of anxiety, to my ignorance I did gave my life to work on are in the most chaotic and dangerous job in the world,

In which I had no way out up because I had already raised my right arm for it, after a school we got what they call a dream sheet, this is where you could try to pick your first Duty station.

So my first pick was you guessed it land base I mean it almost made me sick my stomach worrying about it did not want to get on top of the carrier and start working.

My second choice is a ship which is called an LPH it’s a helicopter landing ship that is an aircraft carrier without arresting gear in catapults.

And it carries groups of Marines, and of course, my last choice I thought I’m an Airedale I really belong on an aircraft carrier so my last Choice was hey CVA carrier,

This means an attack carrier

My First Assignment;

Have you ever been really worried about something afraid of something and all of a sudden when it happens everything’s such a relief?

==>Good Things Come When You Face Your Fears<==

When I got my orders handed to me and open them and looked I almost squealed my first Duty station head sea Duty hazardous Duty and when duty all rolled into one.

And it was a great way to put my fear off for at least one year of an aircraft carrier, my first Duty station was Naval Station Keflavik Iceland.

But let me tell you after two years in a place that only works one day out of the week has 23 hours in that time, I was ready for something more exciting.

So when I put my dream sheet in, still just couldn’t put that aircraft carrier on Choice One but I did put it on the choice to put the LPH on Choice One much more laid-back ship.

And to put Land Based on the third choice, I didn’t give me my first choice, they didn’t make me take my last choice, the Navy tries to give you what you ask for.

So I Got My second Choice;

I got orders today for V1 Fly1 on the USS America CVA 66, Miss Department division in location on an aircraft carrier plane director Bow Wow.

And once again the Navy loves me more than I thought the ship was in 2 yards had been in there for almost a year and still had three months before it got underway.

So I got to get used to my fear at first lots of ship work luncheon at the E M club and partying in town, and that my friend is the best way do you get over your fears.

Love yourself up with a party and alcohol before you really step off into the pool LOL, but my big fear is the most chaotic and dangerous job in the world.

Turned out to be one of the most rewarding enjoyable things I have done in my life and I miss him very much, so one little piece of advice I can give you.

==>Take All The Fears Out Of Your Next Carrer Change<==

When you get over fear and you’re enjoying it retire from it because I didn’t and I wished I did.

The Final Fear;

Their years have gone by you run into a couple of little shaky things but there’s nothing that sticks out like that first fear that you have to get over as silly as it might be.

His life goes on you tend to learn your little lessons about this, if you get over a financial fear, and it’s as enjoyable as my last fear was Wealthy Affiliate 

Don’t give up how’s your last fear is working online unless you learn to your life fears tend to make you seek out new friends, and the wealthy affiliate is full of new friends.

Who? live chat has hundreds of community members who are very friendly and very giving and they’re almost doing backflips to help you succeed.

So let me tell you this if a man like me can overcome a fear like working on are in the most chaotic and dangerous job in the world.

In Conclusion;

Trying to point out that overcoming the fear of working online with a company like The Wealthy Affiliates is a win-win situation.

And unlike a carrier. is much easier than overcoming the fear of working on a flight deck, and like an Air Craft Carrier with its catapults to launch more than 100 aircraft in a 12 hour period of time.

So will the Wealthy Affiliate have tools to launch your online business, Jaxxy, and the quickest SEO online, so without a dought and no fear of telling you this.

That being frightened of making a career change like the Wealthy Affiliate is a no-brainer, you’re not using your business head, and change you’re thinking and jump on the WA.

So please I’m very curious to hear about your fears, how are you came over, and to help you come over your fears of joining The Wealthy Affiliates any way I possibly can.

After all, I want everybody to succeed, and I want them to succeed with fewer issues and without the lives pain, I had just to find The Wealthy Affiliates.

So Leave Me That Comment.

Thank You,

Bill Wright



6 thoughts on Is Fear Of The Unknown Holding You Back

  • Yvonne October 19, 2021Reply

    I totally understand that we all have fears of some kind. Mine is heights. I can climb a ladder to a certain point but I need to remind myself not to look down otherwise I get quite dizzy.

    We went to the Gold Coast and stayed in a high raised building. I went to the verandah to look outside and wish I hadn’t I froze with my hand on the balcony rail and my other hand on the door frame. Hahaha

    • admin October 19, 2021Reply

      Your comment is a true statement just don’t let your fear stand in the way of your success

  • Joseph William Stasaitis October 20, 2021Reply

    I totally agree that it is important to face our fears. Our thoughts of what “might happen” are more disturbing than the actual experience itself as you pointed out. Fear is merely a feeling that has its usefulness to keep us safe against actual physical threats but can be debilitating when we create images in our minds and label them as fearful. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • admin October 21, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment fear is the one internal thing that will stop you from your success.
      Thank you,
      Bill Wright

  • Norman Richards October 21, 2021Reply

    So many people have allowe fear of the unknown to hold them back from making great discoveries or becoming successful. There are so may people who want to live their dreams but is afraid to take the firts step. There is nothing to fear because you will never know unless you try.

  • Mildred Zeiler October 22, 2021Reply

    I’ve learned faith over fear is always the winning formula to succeed. Faith, in truth, is the spirit within that ignites when we choose to use that to conquer our fear. Fear is a crutch that literally deserves to be discarded.

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