Is The Empower Network A Scam?

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Is The Empower Network A Scam?

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What Is The Empower Network?;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

From What I Can See,

You know there’s something the Empower network has been around for a long time, the first time I checked it out was about 2 decades ago.

I got hurt cut my wrist pretty bad cut all the nerves and tendons going down the back, my thumb just pulled down to my right palm, it was like that for 3 months.

The first reason, and time I wanted to try online marketing, 30 years ago this was something pretty complicated, and definitely didn’t have any free-to-start platforms.

And boy the keyword was something only the experienced even had an idea of this I’m pretty sure Google probably camera up with such a word.


Back then I was really naive to much of anything to do with a computer, I had just learned how to pull up yahoo LOL I very seldom use Yahoo anymore but back then they had this thing.

==>If You’re Curious Just Be Careful<==

That was called a chat room and when you went in there everyone was talking or should I say Sexting each other and they were very hard to get in on the discussions.

If your text wasn’t right with the group, they would either ignore you or flat out tell you to F(*&* off, in exactly those words, lol, well it didn’t help that in my late 20’s.

I was a womanizer, and horny son of a gun, for lack of better words and I was always looking for the nudie, so I really can’t blame it all on the yahoo chat line but it was used differently then.

At That Time;

At this time I didn’t have a computer, I screwed up the monitor letting it ride in the passenger set of my Freight Liner. with Microsoft maps and streets with a GPS sensor that road in on the dashboard in the window.

So it could pick up the satellite there weren’t as many of them up there either, in fact, I don’t think you could get WIFI then it was all ground line the T1 line had just come out if they had got it to your town.

==>The Real Deal Check It Out<==

Either there was still a lot of people who still had the wonderful dial-up with the wonderful computer talk you know like something from outer space dial-up unless you went to the Library.

Or a lot of businesses had the t1 line, so everything like as fast as a turtle.

I Found What I Thought Was My Calling;

A way to make money on a computer was the Empower network, damn I didn’t even know about Reviews or scams, but here I went, after all, I found in the Yahoo chat room, it’s got to be legit.

One very big problem, I didn’t reckon with, nothing back then was low cost or free to start, everything was cash upfront or should I say Card upfront.

And hi as hell and I was living on workman’s comp, so out of desperation, I pulled up yahoo where I found the Empower Network on it and just started sending randomly.

Does anyone know of a system that will let me start free and I didn’t know, but how about paying a percentage, with no response.

So I started saying like I’d pay the whole thing if they would just let me get started with the Empower network at this time I was getting let’s say bewildered and a bit on the angry side.

Started the ould well if you were going to make money with this Empower network if you were sure that I could make money that you would do this so I don’t think it’s for sure.

Contact All Of A Sudden;

I got a response holy crap, so I looked at the pic wow she was hot so, me being the flirt I was started of on the flirty side, and she let me know right up front, she was all business.

==>If You’re Curious Just Be Careful<==

And if that’s what I’m looking for to just go on my way, man did I do some backing up, apologizing, and yes even begging and pleading that I wouldn’t let it happen again.

Well, she accepted my apologies and said she knew a man that would help me, so I was pretty excited at this news, she told the guy’s name, you know its funny that I remember his name a Joe Defgow.

And while I looking to see if this thing was still online, it was and I could even find him online just by typing his name he came right up, and this scares me.

The Reason This Man Scares Me;

I finally got hold of this guy, Joe Defgow no wonder I could remember his name over the young lady that introduced me one reason she wasn’t the one you’ll understand.

Joe said he had a way to let me work my way in, he said that I was to collect 20 names, and once I did this he would pay me what I would have got if I was a member I don’t remember exactly, but it’s not important.

So now when I went home I got to tell the skeptic one, my wife, that I was actually working online 😀 was I prowed I thought just 20 names and emails shouldn’t be too hard.

I Got Them Names;

So I went to work 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and getting 2 unfriends and a bunch of begging and promises that no one would bug them more thane once or twice.

That I would get a hold of Joe, and put a stop to it, well finally I got that big 20 after 4 months of aggravations, and friction from friends, so I got with Joe after about 2 days of trying.

Angie was her name, I think, it fits in my memories, anyway Anjie got a hold of him and he told her to tell me that the people on my list had to pay and they had to get the same.

And paid then he would pay me, can we say pissed, if I knew what a scammer was that would have been one of the things I called him.

Because after the promises I made there wasn’t any way that I could get them to pay.

Hay This is scamming?

Like I said, before this time I didn’t know what a scammer was, I had a good friend his name is Jim Brown, he was one that gave his details.

I explained to him exactly what had happened, and about the platform, I had found explained to him all about the system, how I was to collect the names, and all then Jim asked a question.

==>The Real Deal Check It Out<==

What do they sell? and that was the expression I had on my face, “?”, they don’t have anything to sell? you, my friend, have found yourself a pyramid scheme.

A what!!!? a pyramid scheme, I asked What The Hell?

Here’s what The Hell;

His definition was You recruit someone they pay a membership, you get a small percent, then they recruit somebody, and then when their people pay they get a percent of it and you get a percent of it.

He said now everybody’s paying their dues and there’s nothing to sell he said so basically what you’re doing is selling to sell nothing I’m paying somebody to do this.

Jim said these don’t last very long, you know a year or 2 maybe, and this is what scares me this was like 30 years ago go, and Joe Deafgow is still online and the Empower Network is still working.

So maybe Jim was wrong maybe the Empire Network isn’t a scam but in any word of the fashion I would be very careful if I decided to join, Joe has proven to me he doesn’t mind taking advantage.

Now After Twenty Years;

After this, I gave up online marketing I felt my heart maybe I was a little too naive to be dealing with the world in this fashion, so I close. In the online marketing down, and got me a welding job.

==>If You’re Curious Just Be Careful<==

Due to me doing this from the time I was in high school to then I was pretty good at welding so I stayed with it the last 20 or 30 years until about 4 years ago my beautiful wife had a major stroke.

The company I was working for Texoma manufacturing was letting me go home to take care of her during break and lunch they let me do this for going on a year then the work slowed down.

They called me into the office said I was having a lot of problems trying to take care of my wife and thought it might be better for me and her if they just went ahead and laid me off due to the Slowdown.

This Wouldn’t Have Bothered Me;

They were probably right, I probably did need to spend more time with my wife, but the way they did it, to tell a veteran off on Veterans Day with a handicapped wife without warning was not very American of them in my eye.

When I got home I called my landlady and informed her of the news and her comeback was.

I want my rent in full and I want it on the 1st which was only about a week away.

So I started packing instead of looking for money, my wife had to go to a rehab center for 3 months for physical therapy, and now the worry was on, where am I going to go.

I did have enough money to buy a storage unit, show I put all of our belongings into storage, figured I’m going to need a job so I went to the employment office.

Meeting Of Pappy Pappin;

While I was checking in I told the young lady that I was a homeless veteran that I just moved into town so she gave me to the Veteran’s Rep there at the employment office.

My veteran’s rep at the employment office passed me over to the disabled VA unit here in Durant where I met a man his name was Pappy Pappin.

Pappy mentioned he was going to put me in a motel until I could get an apartment, our house, I suggested he put me in the Budget Inn due to the price.

Well, Pappy told me right up front he could get me into the La Quinta Inn much cheaper, you’re nasty what about my dog I can’t get rid of my dog.

He told me that the La Quinta Inn has made it pet friendly he didn’t know about Nationwide but the one in Durant was pet friendly, that I could bring my dog.

==>The Real Deal Check It Out<==

Happy hooked me up with three days in La Quinta Inn, on the third day should I say the third night I was pretty afraid that I wasn’t going to have a place to get.

The Meeting Of An Angle;

This thought’s kept me awake most of the nights, but on this third now. I started crying because I was so worried I went down to the lobby to get myself a cup of coffee.

The young lady that was on the desk a very attractive young lady, with red hair, noticed how upset I was she asked me what was wrong?

I explained to her that this was my last night and I didn’t know where I was going well she said Mr you shouldn’t be fretting over this stuff this bad is bad for you give you a heart attack.

I told her I don’t know where I’m going to go tomorrow this is my last night she said don’t worry just come up here in the morning and talk to my boss I can’t promise but I do know my boss and she’s a good woman.

For the next morning I went down to the lobby, a little older lady looks me up, I mean came out asked me if my name was William Wright, and I said yes ma’am she asked me back to her office.

The Day Was Maid;

She was the manager of the motel her name was Debbie and Angel she was, we visited for 30 minutes, after just a little bit she told me that she could put me am I family dog included.

In a room that she had, that she couldn’t rent it out, she said the heater was out, and it was Winter although in South Central Oklahoma the winters aren’t really cold.

Debbie had to make The maintenance man, go to Lowe’s and pick up a very small space heater in which we didn’t have to use but one time during the winter.

After a month my wife got out of the rehab center Debbie let me my wife and my dog stay in the La Quinta Inn for 6 months without paying a dime.

In fact, let us bring the breakfast leftovers to the room so we could eat later because as nice as the La Quinta Inn is we were very short on money at this time.

Found The Perfect System After All These Years;

After the first three days being up all night my hours kind of changed around here, now I get up around midnight and I work until about 9 everything.

This is where During the evenings I would surf and look for these platforms that might not be scams and have everything that I need, start making money online

I was looking at this one thing and I pulled up the review, and right before I left the review which sounded like a scam there was a young man named Jerry Hahn.

Message me said he had a system that was free to start it wasn’t one of those get rich overnight by not doing anything programs he said it teaches you everything you need to know to have a profitable business.

The Description;

Anyways here I found the perfect system the name is The Wealthy Affiliates, the owner and co-owner or as honest as the day is long.

Call the number one is always on live chat trying to help people with their problems I’ve been on a few for platforms you don’t find the owners doing that stuff.

==>The Real Deal Check It Out<==

And believe me, if Kyle does have the time there’s a community that you can chat with that is pretty much bending over backward to help you succeed.

To me communication is the key to any successful business when you’re trying to start a business you have to do a lot of learning and I’ve seen platforms that will band you from their help desk.


Wealthy affiliate is not hurting for training whatsoever they have live training, with Jay at the Magistudios, Google Live Chat Line this day’s man 24/7 it is also wanting to do backflips to help you succeed.

There are two legs of training one is if you have something you’re passionate about or that you love and you want to sell that and make that your domain or you can join the boot camp and learn how to sail Wealthy Affiliates.

Which does have my backing I’m the one in the know I have two websites one is selling something I’m passionate about and the other one is selling Wealthy Affiliates.

If it was me and I had to start all over I would probably start selling Wealthy Affiliates first I’ve been here two years I’ve watched people sign on with me that went under Wealthy Affiliates.

And they’re making sales and getting visitors that I’m not, I’ve gone through the first training my side is Razor Edge it was not getting results.

I Feel This Is The Best Way;

So I started another domain with the website it’s called Razor Edge and so far it’s coming along a lot quicker than my survival site.

You can start free and when you decide to stay the first month only $19 and after that, it’s $49 a month unless you buy a year which I also suggest caused the perks or so much better.

Maybe it shouldn’t be but it is, they show you how to do your SEO properly they teach you how to do your keywords they use Jaxxy here at The Wealthy Affiliates, which is a wonderful keyword tool.

Call himself personally teaches you this business from the ground up he will not let you lay he will help you all the way through.

==>The Real Deal Check It Out<==

Everyone in the wealthy affiliate is willing to help you train you and show you how to succeed in the online business what’s the most efficient fastest way possible.

In conclusion;

Out in the world of online marketing, you have all sorts of companies like to Empower Network they have nothing to sell but themselves they don’t last.

Although the Empower Network has brought on items for sale they have a regular t-shirt and tank top t-shirts, so you can never tell maybe the entire network trying not to be a scam.

But all in all, you can rest assured your training will be accurate appropriate and to the point with Wealthy Affiliates and you can learn how to build websites and do the things the gurus try to sell you.

And in my opinion, is definitely a no-brainer to get into The Wealthy Affiliates let them show you how to do this online business properly so you don’t get scammed by the guru such as.

Do yourself a favor and stop your search, go ahead and sign up for The Wealthy Affiliates to get your business going properly, in the right direction.

Leave a comment with concerns and ideas and I’ll be back with you ASAP.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

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