Is WE Share Abundance-Legit Or Not

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Is WE Share Abundance-Legit Or Not

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Do “WE Share Abundance” produce what they promise;

My name is Bill Wright, I’ve been online for a touch over a year and a half, I’ve had my share of scams and have fallen for more than I care to fess up to, but we’re not here to talk about me I’m here to give you the most unbiased opinion, experiences, and knowledge that I physically can,

Since I’ve been chasing the affiliate thing, I’ve learned that in order for a certain site to qualify as a scam site it has got to meet certain criteria, a legit site will have the sites name, the owner’s name, and said owners contact information posted, a product to sell, and a way to get paid man, without these items you really don’t want to invest any of you’re hard-earned money there’s a good chance you won’t see it again.

==>Check It Out These Guy’s Their Honest As The Day Is Long<==

Now you do have sites out there that don’t really have anything to sell but they aren’t looking for affiliates to advertise their product in which they don’t have, oh by the way on the side lookout for those sites the sell nothing but themselves this should always rais all sorts of BS warning signs but this WE Share Abundance scam or Legit come on in and check for yourself after all who’s the better to see this but you, so I have offered their URL for you to check out you’re self

All though I believe, even if I don’t trust, that WE Share Abundance isn’t scammers and probably legit, but I also think if you go for this you better know how to work with Bitcoin and dog coin and WESA tokens or you’ll lose, I’m not sure but I think the way this company works is to buy one virtual coin at a price and sells them for more for less with another virtual coin.

Are WE Share Abundance Legit,

Well, it’s really hard to pass judgment, on these guys the first criteria is met the owner’s name is, Grahm Frame the second his address is,  Petisau, Bude, Cornwall EX23 9PF UK, now this system is free, so it kinda puts a twist on things, but you start out making $0.01 once a day for logging in this is pool 0 saving for pool 1 the end of the first month you’ll have enough earnings to pay for pool 1 the next should? pay for pool 3, the next take care of the next towards the 5th pool you’ll start having leftover funds, there are 6 pools you have got to keep up but this isn’t any problem the funds are always there before the pools month runs out you see you have got to keep all 6 pools current.

It all seems like it’s a wonderful thing until you might have to contact the help desk, more than3 or 4 times the will and did B and Mre from issuing any help tickets why because the # 2 pool didn’t let me earn enough to get the 3rd pool going yes they did give me a warning, but surely they will be forgiving, after all, it did say it was newbie-friendly and it was time to stake my pool so I asked one more time and that was the stick that broke the camels back, they sent the message that I had been band from the help desk, I thought damn it, I figured maybe a couple of months.

Meanwhile, this guy is Steven Fellows. sent me a message said he was my sponsor that he saw I was having troubles with  WE Share Abundance and asked if he could help me, so alleluia, he helped through one of the most complicated things I’ve ever seen, now if you’re not a newbie you might be able to understand this WAVES platform thing where you transfer WESA tokens to this waves account, he sent me enough WESA tokens to finish my pool 3 out, thought to my self at least there help I just wonder what happened to my sponsor.

Newbie’s Mistake;

around 3 months had gone by I had my 4the pool to stake and 21 of the others so it was early I had just woke up and this was my first thing to do because the only thing you have got to do to get paid at this time I was up to $3.00 a day when you login, well half asleep I accidentally clicked the wrong one and bought double on the pool before and I was losing the one I had to purchase,

==>Check It Out These Guy’s Their Honest As The Day Is Long<==

So Dange it, I thought maybe I can submit a help ticket, well guess what after 3 months still banned, so I went to Google mail and found this Steven fella, I guess he got fed up and sent me enough WESA’s to do all my pools man I was ecstatic, from that time I was making $5.00 a day for login in, man give me a week and I’ll withdraw a little I’ve got my phone bill coming up so I went in and submitted the withdraw ticket and waited.

For 2weeks so I went back to Google and wrote Steve an email he said if it was too high it will take till the end of the month if I get it at all, so I went in and reduced the amount, it didn’t help, now my BS alert started going off, I thought it’s ok I’ll let it build over a couple of months.

All of a sudden I get this message that this Grahm fella was opening another program Multaply WESA you’re meant to be able to withdraw much easier and much more so I went in to do this, Now it’s the same damn thing I was to take WESA tokens and transfer them from my WE Share Abundance’s wallet to my Waves Wallet to where I’m to transfer these WESA’s to the Multiply WESA.

More Issues;

So I went to contact my superhero, Mr. Steve, well he never gets back to me, so I go to their Facebook Group, after 3 days of leaving messages on a group of contacts including Mr. Grahm’s with no help so far finally this guy from India messaged me back and said to meet him at WhatsApp, and finally got through to him what was up, he came back and said they weren’t transferring any WESA’s until the next month so I hung lose the 2 weeks until then.

So now the last time I got with this guy which took 2 days he finally got back and started asking me about my inbox that I should check it well I did it looked just like all the other times all it was, was invitations to other programs, so I went back and checked there was 1 that was different, inviting me to withdraw WESA’s.

==>Check It Out These Guy’s Their Honest As The Day Is Long<==

 I went back to WhatsApp and asked him what was so hard about stepping through something I didn’t understand, that all I wanted to do was take the WESA from my dashboard’s WESA wallet to my WAVES WESA wallet, then to Multiply WESA, so I could get a paycheck every once in a while.

well, this was a week ago and I still can’t get anyone to help again.

I Can Help;

I Have a system that will hold up to their promises The 2 Owners or Kyle & Carson will not promise things that they either can’t or won’t deliver, If they say it, it’s going to happen and if it’s HELP it will be the members that they help. and their promise to you that they will give you the best training for online marketing there is out there, with one of the best site builders out there and the best SEOName is Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes I have got in trouble with the help desk well guess what I sent Kyle an apology and he lifted the band, ok I’ve been in trouble with the help desk before, there I was trying to get help! hear I accidentally half-asleep put a URL up in live chat trying to help another member out and by the way, this is a rule from the get-go so Wealthy Affiliate. isn’t bad at all it was all on me, anyway like I said all I had to do is message Kyle apologized, and promised I wouldn’t let it happen again After all this one is my fault.

Come on over and check them out  Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn real profession without all the HYIP, with the premiere online training platform you’ll find anywhere online.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show you even if they are preaching Religion, Christ, and all that it doesn’t mean that their on the up and up, or shooting an honest word after all the more you have working, or visiting a website the better it will work, this little fact makes a lot of most honest people not give all the truth, like If I had known that they were going to do the things this so-called giving community did I wouldn’t have wasted my time, It took me from the top 200 way down to 1,300 in my rank hear at the  Wealthy Affiliate.

Leave a comment with ideas and feedback Ill get back soon.

Thank You

Bill Wright





4 thoughts on Is WE Share Abundance-Legit Or Not

  • António Mateus June 12, 2021Reply

    Hi, Bill!

    Being a newbie at WA still, I’ve been struggling with some issues on money-making… I earn credits, I request comments but after several months go by and I haven´t earned a dime. I really don´t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Your post is really interesting and enlightening but nevertheless, can you help me find a better solution?!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon and keep safe!

    • admin June 12, 2021Reply

      It’s like this, there isn’t a better home than Wealthy Affiliate, but the money doesn’t come easy, but it really sucks when you log in and see you’re up to $120.00 dollars and all you need is $100.00 to keep your TV cable, so you apply for that much and you wait for the whole damn month and nothing then the bs run around about their almighty help deck unlike WA it’s not giving I used it too many times I think it was like 3 times maybe 4, so we’ll call that one WESA.

      If you don’t mind a slow starter SFI but you will start seeing money in you’re wallet the first month but they won’t pay out till the amount is over $20.00.

      Now when I started I didn’t think about this but there are games and auctions you earn you’re way with out paying you hard-earned money after you learn this half secret it works better and after you learn you can come back multiple time and due to the auctions with not getting it then they have a shuttle ride animated, of course, this is where you earn what they call Rewardicals.

      To learn all this it’s free to start  SFI and fun to earn, but like I said I’d watch the WE Share Abundance.

      Thank You

      Bill Wright 

  • Kokontala June 12, 2021Reply

    Greetings! I went through your article and I found it very helpful. I am new to online business and I have never heard of “We share abundance” I like the way you have outlined how it works, it’s clear and straightforward. this will help anyone who would like to join “we share abundance” make a very sound decision with full facts and information.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us.

    • admin June 12, 2021Reply

      Yes, WE Share Abundance is a pretty good system they take handi capt children to Disney world and furnish water to 3rd world countries, among other things.

      But they are slow they do not like you using their help tickets and answers are hard to come by so make sure al;l you’re ducks are in a row.

      This is their big negative.

      Thank You

       Bill Wright  

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