Free Online Marketing Training Courses-newbie friendly

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Free Online Marketing Training Courses-newbie friendly

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Marketing Training Classes;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, you are paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

There are actually 100’s;

Since I’ve started there have been a few colleges, that are offering an online marketing course, it’s in the science marketing section.

The cost of the course for a master’s degree runs at ° $12,400 this price is off of the NCES the National Education Center For Educational Statistics.

==>The Way It Is Check It Out<==

I’m guessing there’s going to be a few variations of this price some a little higher some a little lower but on average, the price of a master’s ° in online marketing costs $12,400.

Guess what they might have some leads but the college ain’t going to have a place that you’re going to be able to go to work while you’re learning and attempt earning money.

Yeah like I said after you graduate or you get your certificate or your ° or whatever you’re going for they’ll have leads places that might need you but that’s not a guarantee.

There Is A Place;

I’ve been out here searching and looking for affordable, honest, well-equipped training for all from beginners to you’re expert affiliates, this place has a community.

Of marketing-minded people that will do backflips, to lead you on your way to success, and offer ideas from the best you, this place is the magical world of Wealthy Affiliates.

Let’s talk about setup for the beginner someone that’s interested but may not have the funds to really get started yet, Wealthy Affiliates has a start-up free plan.

This is just so you can get your foot in the door do a little training talk to some of the community members to get to know the place a little for a week.

So you can make an educated decision on if this is going to work for you or not, I don’t really know why it wouldn’t work for anybody, after all, they’re handing you everything you need.

The Free Thing Can Only Last So Long;

The free thing has its restrictions so I’m sure after we you’re probably going to want to get started learning how to build your business from the best online training platform online in the world to date.

But possibly the phones are just a little short, I’m telling you man these guys are giving their honest I can’t think of anybody I’d rather learn online marketing from than Kyle and Carson here at Wealthy Affiliate

The first month that you pay is only going to be $19 then after the first month the monthly dues will be $49 a month unless you want to go the yearly then I think it runs.

==>The Way It Is Check It Out<==

From $250 to $300 a year, yeah I keep calling this a school and it is a school but it’s also a platform where when you get your, training, tools, and knowledge.

The Real Magic Begins;

Well the real magic begins right up front after Kyle gives you a walk-through of you’re back office with Wealthy Affiliate, he’ll take you right in and let you and walk you through building your very first website.

This operation takes 3 minutes at the most and it’s a live website online on Google, yeah it’s a nude website but believe me, as you go through this training that nude ugly website turns into one beautiful work of art by your hands.

Not some Guru offering you to use his free website to get rich on while you sleep please don’t fall for these things there are all scams I’ve not really seen one.

Do I have anything meaningful I’m sorry you have to put forth the effort if you don’t put forth the effort you’re not going to be proud of it?

And without Pride, they’re usually failure are the same ho-hum existence that you had working nine-to-five on the time clock is that what you want to keep that going.

Well, I Hope Not;

If so just go ahead and look for those, you’re going to get rich overnight doing nothing I’ve looked and looked and tried a few of them and had my money taken by a few of them.

==>The Way It Is Check It Out<==

And I really haven’t found the one that’s all that legit, but I can promise you right here right now Wealthy Affiliates will give you everything they promised they will give it to you.

With no BS hype you come in you learn it at your pace you sell what you want to sell something that you’re passionate about no not theirs but your passion unless you choose to sell their passion.

After all online marketing is one of the biggest online sales there is there are about three or four of them but for the price and the performance the friendship and the knowledge.

You’ll get from Wealthy Affiliates is second to none, not one of them even can even come close to keeping up with Wealthy Affiliate.

The Offering;

Okay, okay, I tell you what come on Ian shut up give it a try and prove me wrong this is a no-brainer if you’re looking to build a true and honest online business.

Not just some fly-by-night going to drop off the world in a couple 3 months or a year to the system, but a real chunk of your online Revenue with your own business.

There’s not a better system or a better platform than Wealthy Affiliates so come on check it out proves me wrong more than likely have a good business going.

==>The Way It Is Check It Out<==

Just what do you have to lose it doesn’t cost you anything to go in and test drive to find out if it’s for you and it starts off reasonable enough and believes me,

Believe me when I tell you Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliates will do you no wrong as busy as these guys are you’ll find them on live chat trying to help people out.

In Conclusion;

With years of searching trials and tribulations having money stolen from unbreakable walls to try to get through platforms that are supposed to be Newbie friendly.

That it takes a scholar to figure out, and believe me there are a few of them, in my opinion, it’s a no-brainier Wealthy Affiliates is the premier online marketing, and training platform you can find.

It’s family-oriented that wants nothing more than for you to succeed, man if you succeed, they succeed, even better, and if they succeed more you succeed more, it’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

Oh and the SEO you know I didn’t even mention that SEO is how Google finds your site to rank it the higher-ranking you have the more visits you have to your site.

I’m sorry I missed that because that’s pretty important.

Please, by all means, leave a comment on any concerns ideas, or any kind of input and I’ll be back with you.

Thank You,

Bill Wright




2 thoughts on Free Online Marketing Training Courses-newbie friendly

  • Cogito July 21, 2021Reply

    Thank you for very interesting article. I just started my adventure with digital marketing and I already know how difficult is to find decent free online trainings. But couldn’t agree more that wealthy affiliate is best place to start. With tons of courses, supportive community and webhosting support it is best choice for all beginners. Highly recommended !

    • admin July 22, 2021Reply

      thank you for the comment glad you enjoyed my article  

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