Reasons To Join The Navy-the very beginning

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Reasons To Join The Navy-the very beginning

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Should I Join The Navy,

Hi, Bill Hear;

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Why Should I Join The Navy

There’s a bunch of young men who have asked themselves this very question, Should I join the Navy? if not the if not navy it would be the Marines, Army, Airforce, or the Coast guard,

It just so happened mine was Uncle Sams Navy, I just didn’t like what the others had to offer, and my Dad, and Brother, were sailors.

My spot in the Navy was sewed up about three and a half years before this, it’s like just what does a young man do after losing his father at the age of 14.

So from the age of 14 to the age of 17 7/8 this young man played with just about anything he can get his hands-on, of course, it started with beer, then we’re drinking occasional bourbon bottle of rum.

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From there it kind of escalated to pot, speed, downers, and you know I don’t even remember my junior year toss the whole dang year we did nothing but trip on acid.

The Things You Do Your Last Summer After School;

Needless to say, I did not make it to my senior year, I was like half a point from being able to walk the walk and grab my diploma, and like I said I was already a couple of years behind.

My career counselor called me and her office and told me this news and informed me that she was going to have to hold me back another year.

I informed her I wouldn’t be back next year, you know you really subdued voice, she came Back, sure you will Bill, on that note, I left for my summer vacation.

Where I asked the girl of my dreams Sue winch to go out to the lake with me, that I was going to serve out the country.

And so we smoked a little pot drink a little beer and did the I’m leaving the romantic role in the surf at the lake.

About 3 days after that day is when I went to Dallas to pay fees, and this is where my life changed drastically for the better so the time had come.

I think it was about July Fourth, how about just a little bit of pot, it was homegrown it wasn’t much good, only had maybe a joint, so I stashed it and I thought it was the coolest place in the world at the time.

My sun visor, on the way across the Denison Dam Bryan County Oklahoma, is having a roadblock at the other end of the damn no way to turn around.

The Game Changer;

So there they pulled me over the police officer walks up to my window stitches right shoulder and head and my window reaches up and flips my sun visor down the first Rattle out of the box.

He reaches up and flips set sun visor down and fam right in my lap fell this little plastic bag, well the Bryan County Sheriff picked it up waved at the light, and said what have we here.

Let’s say one life-changing event, back then there wasn’t a whole lot known about pot all of us young guys knew that it wasn’t bad for you especially after some of the things we tried.

But Bryan County was trying to hang it to me, make an example out of me you might say, so my sweet mother God Rest her soul got me one heck of a good lawyer.

The lawyer told me that it was an easy fix all I had to do was join the military, and he could get this charge completely exposed for my records.

The Very Next Day;

I found myself at the United States Navy recruiting office, the recruiter gave me all sorts of options, he gave me this little IQ test I don’t think really meant a lot.

But he said I had wonderful mechanical skills that I could do just pretty much anything I wanted to in the Navy then I might have a little problem with the nukes.

He looked at me and said you feel like being a Navy SEAL this is one of the most prestigious parts of the Navy, I wasn’t a dummy I had a big brother that went in the Navy.

If more he told me about UDT or the Navy Seals as much as I love the water I just wasn’t all that good physically most of my life like I never could do it for us okay.

So I told the recruiter that wouldn’t be for me he says well do you like airplanes? Did I say airplanes in the Navy? The recruiter said oh yes we have a much more aggressive Air Force, than the Air Force.

My Rate;

So the recruiter intrigued me I signed up for what they call “ABH” So within a couple of days I had papers to go to Afees in Dallas TX. do my physical, raise my right arm, and say the obligation.

From there was a bus ticket to Love Field, in which we took off and landed at O’Hare International Airport at around 03:00, it was late spring, and I was from the south In our warm clothes.

==>If It Was Only Around In 1974<==

And it was freaking cold in my eyes, I found the Petty officer in charge and he pointed me to this Gray school bus, we were there about an hour.

Then he loaded up, it was about a 30-minute trip or so it was a minute ago and my time’s ar estimated, they filed us off and it was chilly bad bone-shivering. any way they marched us into this BEQ.

gave us bunks, we went to bed, and about 1 1/2 hours, we were shaken, literally out of our bunks and the Rabbit hole began.

And our transformation from CIV. to US Sailer’s, this morning we were informed we were the last company to receive Vietnam rights if they could get us through boot camp in time.

Showing Us How To Be U.S. Sailers;

They were like eight weeks there was a blur to me in this part of my life, I know the first day consisted of learning where the chow hall was, and how wonderful an experience that is.

Here it’s like 05:00 in the morning, they lined us up and close quarters, Park County Community College next to butt, first breakfast at Bootcamp.

The chow line went about Block out in the grinder, yeah right by this big cement pit in which they dumped all the old leftover food that they didn’t eat.

This compost bill for about a week or so than the farmers and staff at coming empty it out but made for some ripe breakfast Aromas, great to stomach breakfast.

Thank God the breakfast wasn’t all that bad just rushed I had french toast and scrambled eggs and fried eggs and cereals and everything you want in the restaurant rushed.

The Rest Of The First Day;

The most I can remember a lot of marching, and that first day you were all over that post getting your uniform issue, checking in here checking in there.

That afternoon we had to March all the way across post halfway through we had to go through these tunnels that went under this big Highway I mean our whole company information

Singing Cadence in the whole nine yards took as close to an hour and a half to March over there we got over there we found out we were at the dentist’s office.

==>If It Was Only Around In 1974<==

And medical, it’s at the dentist’s office they take everything out of your mouth to the sedation dentist put in, Dover medical they poke project check you out and stick you with this thing called a Bicillin shot.

Swept that we had that hour-and-a-half March back to our BEQ Bachelor enlisted men’s quarters, where we got into stenciling our names on our uniforms from the manual.

The Only Physical Distress;

So far in Navy boot camp wasn’t very physical at all but there’s a bunch of classes, but how life is ownership and how to tie this knot, uniform military code of justice.

In fact, the only physical distress we got under, was why we were marching starting to sound really good starting to get the movie going on someone wanted to snap fingers in Norton’s ranks.

Well the CC heard this and stopped us I asked who was snapping their fingers in ranks nobody would say anything about the third time he asked this.

He started running as he ran us around the barracks we took up two blocks at least until we were dropping, then he stopped us and asked the question who was snapping their fingers in the ranks?

The Only Punishment;

No one would answer, so we put us back to Renton although we only went around the barracks one time he stopped us and he asked us who was snapping their fingers and ranks?

Nobody answered so our company Commander ordered us up into the barracks to the break room for and off schedule smoking Coke, you see smoking cigarettes and soda pops were their treat for being good.

He said he was so proud of us for standing behind each other for not turning that person in this is this is what makes good sailors.

In general, a lot of classes on how to forget to live on land, and become a seafaring man, unlock the Army there was hardly any rifle range, the only rifle range we went to.

22 long rifle and a big hanger, in fact, the only weapon we got was a World War II M-1A, it was all rusted hadn’t been shot in the car to three decades,

This weapon was one of our objectives, although it didn’t have to shoot it did have to pass a military inspection before the end of boot camp.

The Berreks;

The barracks had been occupied for about 3 or 4 years and they were a mess that was another one of our objectives we had to make it past military inspection within the first week.

We learned a little trip map little floor wax on the floor grab one of the US Government wool blankets folded up long ways, one of the smaller men sit on it,

And a couple of your shipmates started pulling him around in circles until the floor shines, and they will like nothing you have ever seen.

The rest of the boot camp has pretty much cliche get up the march to three miles every day and go to this class in that class there was one really great thing that happened during our boot camp.

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When we lined up to go through the gas chamber our company Commander said that our company was the last company getting the Vietnam rights.

There’s A God In Heaven;

The company Commander informed us the only way we can keep our rights is to make it through boot camp in a timely fashion in the time was really short.

The only way we can make it is not to go through the gas chamber, but there would be instruction.

And if everybody sit really still and quiet we would skip the gas chamber.

Oh man, you could have heard a pin drop in the sand at that point, but it works instead of a 4-5 our project,

it was going to be it only took us about an hour maybe an hour and a half who is on tour next task.

The last couple of weeks is boot camp unlock the Army going through the rifle range all the time the Navy sends you through fire fighting, lots of firefighting.

==>If It Was Only Around In 1974<==

After all, if there’s a fire at sea you just can’t call the city Fire Department in by George you may have to drop what you’re supposed to be doing a fight a fire.

Pass And Review;

Passing review is what the Navy calls it when you graduate boot camp Euro company dresses up and spits up in their dress uniform, if it’s winter it’s your dress blues and if it’s summer it’s your dress whites.

Summers much more impressed with your whole company dressed up your dress whites marching to a Cadence here’s where the past review comes in.

There’s a panel of officers the base Captain’s amongst them, amongst others I don’t know the proper ranks and titles it was there but.

Is your company marches by your are “ARPOC” assistant petty officer of the command, did always Caucasians for you and he was kind of the one in charge while attempting to mend her was busy,

Anyway as you passed this officer he would come and shout EYE’s RIGHT!! and so there’s the passing and review, or graduation.

In which I didn’t get to perform I got The Graduate, but that damn M1 rifle didn’t pass this inspection I wasn’t the only one I know what the inspection was all about.

The reason for the failure in passing review;

Really it’s a very Noble reason there are two of us that didn’t get to pass and review, the company Commander needed someone to stand guard over the barracks.

In our Barracks everyone was instructed to put their payroll in their stand-up lockers Locke said stand-up lockers and push them all to face each other in the center of the barracks.

Me and the other recruit maid uniform circles alternating around these lockers until everybody returned from the passing review where their money was safe and sound.

==>If It Was Only Around In 1974<==

After everybody got back everybody started changing and getting all ready to go home for leave, we all got our orders to our next Duty station.

It was a whole bunch of BT’s that’s baller text Sam Cooke’s photographers mates bosun’s mates then he called out my name and told me I was going to Aviation bosun’s mate Handler School now there’s a head-scratcher.

ABH-A School;

ABH this is my rate it is Aviation Bosun’s Mate Handler the controller of chaos on the flat deck, we are the ones that direct the movement of aircraft.

Eather being towed by tow tractor or direct the aircraft under its own power, where is a directing them to park them are directing them to put them on a catapult to be launched.

There are other ABs at the schools, oh I am so sorry the AB School is located at Lakehurst New Jersey is where the Hindenburg crashed.

There were also ABE’s arresting gear and catapult, ABF’s The aircraft fueling crews, and the air traffic Controllers,

And there are still remains of it out in the Backwoods, I have my first sailor sea story, at the lake her school was air traffic controllers.

A Little Adult Sea Story;

These are the Personnel that sits in the control tower and other areas to control the aircraft coming in for landing they usually pretty much have control over the aircraft after we pass it off to the catapults.

Anyway I met up with one of these little air traffic controllers, she was about five-foot-tall blonde hair, and cute as hell, we decided to go for a little private walk after class.

So we went out to check out the remains of the Hindenburg, really cool we stopped got to talking, holding hands, cuddling little smooching, one thing led to another.

And before I know it I was well past second base, I was working on third base tell you the truth, in fact, hate to be this way I kind of got my fingers wet told you was a dolt

Anyway no sooner than that happen, there was a group of sailors who came walking down the path we heard them for they could see us because of the rest of the grass.

==>If It Was Only Around In 1974<==

Let me tell you what a mood killer that was, our Ventures never finished any further what they got, and that’s just the way it is.

ABH Fire Fighting School;

The firefighting school was quite a bit different here at the ABH school, this cool setup for aircraft firefighting instead of smokehouses and I have to go to like that.

Here they had a great big cement pad with a fighter jet sitting on it of course the fighter jet has been burnt few thousand times lol it still serves a purpose.

Before training begins they will put a metal dummy in the cockpit of the said jet at approximately the same weight as a man this big pad had about 6 in-wall all around it be ground pad.

They put about 3 in of diesel in it in a little bit of gas here in there does diesel or jet fuel the same does it burn real good but once you get it the burner, burns hot.

Then we’ll take turns one would drive the truck into would put on the silver suits, I don’t know if they were asbestos or not, but they sure work well.

They got a fire going in there that was about 30 ft tall I and my partner had our suits on truck moved in rapidly,

It was a firefight and the agent sprayed a big rescue path, my partner and I walk, and if this time the firewall covered in behind us, then we climbed up on the jet,

We rescued our dummy, in the truck cut another path for us to get out, and we had to do that to pass our firefighting class at ABH “A” school

The Last Day;

The last day wasn’t quite like Bootcamp there was no great big pass review but we did get to sit down to fill out our Dream sheet, I guess they still do that today, I’m not sure

But anyhow it was a sheat that had three choices, pet rat the Navy gave you three tries to get stationed where you want to be.

My first choice was laying a base, of course, my second choice wasn’t LPH it’s a helicopter landing platform it’s more like a very small slow-moving aircraft carrier and it carries an abundance of Marines.

In fact, its nickname is Marine carrier it’s the craft that they use to take Marines in the hot areas I put them on the helicopter of these new vertical take-off aircraft Wyoming drop them off.

==>Only If We Had Internet Marketing In The ’70s <==

And let them do what Marines do, and then my third choice was of course might as well do it an aircraft carrier after all this is what I went to school to do.

Word Of My First Duty Station;

As frightening as it may be, well I guess somebody listens to the sailors I kind of got two of my choices I got a land base that is classified as sea Duty it’s actually isolated Duty.

And is as slow as an LPH, can anybody guess what my first Duty station is, my first order was to report in 3 weeks to the  Naval Station Keflavik Iceland.

So in three week’s time actually it was two and a half week’s time my mom took me to DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and I was gone to the arctic north.

In Conclusion;

As I said first in this article, is mainly for your enjoyment I have put some links down through there on internal links in this instead of Articles of my sight.

More than likely they won’t have much to do with my first days in the Navy, but I have written other articles I’m going to work on them make them more reader-friendly.

People that have read it seemed to enjoy it even though they were like million words long I’m going to go ahead and just for the next four to six articles.

==>If It Was Only Around In 1974<==

I guess you might say let people know what it’s like if you go into the Navy you should do the job I did I may not have been a Navy SEAL.

But my job was far more hectic and dangerous than the Navy SEAL even if nobody’s shooting at me, every day 14 hours a day only carrier your life is on the line.

Leave a comment on issues or ideas and I’ll get back within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright




2 thoughts on Reasons To Join The Navy-the very beginning

  • Aly September 28, 2021Reply

    I come from a long line of family members who have served in 3 different branches of the military. They each had different reasons for enlisting, but mostly they chose the military for the job training and job opportunities that simply were not available to them anywhere else. They were also made a lot of promises by the government — not all of which were kept. Obviously, I have mixed feelings on the subject, but joining the military is a life-changing decision that will affect every part of life, death, and in-between. 

    • admin September 29, 2021Reply

      The military is a big organization with hundreds of thousands of members it’s easy for promises to be made it promises to be missed, with all that said I’m very proud of the time I spent in the Navy as far as three different branches.

      I really served only to I spent four years in the Navy and nine years in the National Guard and I’m proud of every second of it they are not all my promises just met.

      But after all, they’re only human thank you for your comment,

      Bill Wright

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