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SFI Affiliate Review

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SFI Marketing Group;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Make Money With SFI And Trey And Get It;

SFI. is not one of those give them your information, and go about your business and I’ll do everything for you, in fact from experience I can tell you those systems don’t really work

Yes indeed there’s a whole bunch of systems out there just for newbies the system always starts out with.

You can get rich overnight while you sleep why? because most of your people it’s been doing online marketing.

Knows that is just a gimmick in a way for a fly-by-night Guru scammer can get a hook into you if they did they wouldn’t pay any better than SFI.

A real you in, like a big old catfish just got to watch it I have just found out they don’t like paying commissions.

But SFI Isn’t One Of Them;

You know one of them that says you’ll make six figures just by doing a plug-in and going to sleep I know you have heard it many times, and I’m here to tell you.

==>Only One Of The Strong Tools Offered At Wealthy Affiliate<==

 It’s just not out there, sure there are Auto Finders and I’ll start to think like that but you have a lot of setups to do on them, you have to be careful because a lot of them out there will charge you.

And someone will charge you pretty healthy, but in my experience, that is the only way you’re going to make anything while you sleep.

Now there is a bunch of systems out there just for newbies that aren’t set up like this, One is the Wealthy Affiliate, right along with SFI, Jaxxy, and Traffic Ad Bar 

There’s no amazing system long as you do a sign up pay a little money click the button and you’re going to start making a 6 figure overnight that you can’t touch.

If you can get your hands on the money you have earned I guess the second income doesn’t have to pay out?

Having A Good Time;

But SFI. has put a bit of a Twist on it, no you’re not going to be able to click the button to make six figures in fact you’re going to have to come in for about an hour.

Maybe two, depending on what you doing before beginner you go in and you go for the LaunchPad there you can learn everything about SFI to be able and make a second income.

And believe it or not, they made it where you can have a pretty good time doing it, although it is a slow starter especially at first because you have to learn the system through the LaunchPad.

In the Launchpad you learned where to find all your auctions I got two options one option is the best for side gifts of course the most important side gifts would be your, Rewardicals tokens.

And the other auction call the price Bender auction and when you win at that auction you get to purchase the item at a very much reduced rate.

==>Only One Of The Strong Tools Offered At Wealthy Affiliate<==

What You Do While Your Visiting;

#1 When you log in to SFI, you’ll get this first building block which has all the news and what’s going on with the company down at the bottom of the page there’s a set of questions, you have to answer correctly, these are very easy questions to answer in the larger you have been with SFI. the easier they are, these little quizzes, or at the end of each building block.

#2 The next building block is an educational building block in there you get the biz quiz that’s where they test your knowledge on things happening in SFI.

#3 The next building block is achievements, it’s in this building block we find out how many badges you have what’s your rank all your stats with SFI.

#4 This building block is the connect building block, it is here when you start building your downline every 3 days you’re supposed to leave them a message and you do it on this part, the forums also in their question and answers most anything that has to do with connecting with your upline are down then, as you can see nothing is really difficult in the fun is yet to come.

#5 This building block is where the fun begins, the Spotlight building block, it’s in here is where you’ll find your Astro auctions is the best for winning different items, but close to your hidden game Rewardicals, move to The Grandmaster poker entries Into The Daily Grind amongst other things, also under number 5 building block is your FLEXXITY, the system that offers services but Craigslist.

#6 This building block finishes out you’re giving chores at SFI. just remember SFI. is set up to earn you a second income kinda like during a break,

Does It Really Work?

Does it really work? Yes, it does really work, in fact, if you do things properly you can probably make up to a five or six-figure income we just a couple of hours a day and a prayer that they pay you.

But you’ll have to get more behind you than yourself to make that big of an income it’ll never happen if you had two or three people in your downline doing the same thing you do because SFI doesn’t communicate with the Pioneer card company to help at all.

With plenty to sell here, I bet they got a hundred fifty to two hundred items to sell, in the zing network, and you can’t have a pretty good time doing it.

==>Only One Of The Strong Tools Offered At Wealthy Affiliate<==

You do have a community that is pretty good about helping you out if you need help, in the help desk it’s pretty quick about getting back with you also, but they don’t help much with your commissions.

In Conclusion;

SFI is here for you to build a second income it is here for you to build a second income it has a pretty good time doing it is SFI. legit?

In my opinion, it is not legit you do get to know the boss the owner but he won’t respond to you, there’s plenty to sell if you want to sell then you don’t have to sell.

But you almost every means they have to get that second income going even if it’s selling cool things like an around tuit.

Like I said there are fun things to sell but also useful things if you want to check them out, come on in the name is SFI and it’s here to help you get a second income going.

Now for the letdown nothing more nothing less, you just can’t get your commissions from SFI.

Thank You,

Bill Wright






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