Sub Zero Hits Traffic Exchange-Review

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Sub Zero Hits Traffic Exchange-Review

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Sub Zero HitsTraffic Exchange;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Manual Traffic Exchange;

“Sub-Zero Hits” is a Manual Traffic Exchange, almost every manual traffic change out there seems to have the same theme.

That may not be the right what word. are the same way and we’ll go there, of course, I haven’t seen them all because I bet there are thousands of them.

Back to “Sub-Zero Hits”, this manual surf platform portrays an Arctic setting. the only thing that’s not making a whole lot of sense. that it uses fish that would rather be in tropical waters.

==>Proven By The Test Of Time Check It Out<==

Sharks that you click on. when the timer has reached its given, time which on the Norm is 10 seconds. I do have a couple of these platforms that have a shorter timer on them,

I have one that has an eight-second timer and another that has a 6-second timer, I will be going over them in a later review.

How The Manual Traffic Exchange Workes;

Let me explain the timer, the timer is set for 10 seconds or most sites because that is the time they tell you that your site will be viewed when it’s clicked on.

As you can see, on the top left side, there is a little Arctic shark, each one is a little different, this is so the people owning the platform can tell if it’s a bot or not.

You have to pick the picture that coincides with the picture on the far left-hand side are you will not get credit for that view,

The small circle to the right says go, well I just counting down it has the numbers in it, to the right of that is nothing more than just an ad, which you probably will get credit for if you review it.

Some Manual Surf Platforms Has Longer Timers Than Others;

These manual traffic exchanges are geared for the website side, other words the longer a viewer looks at a given site, the more chance it has of making a sale.

==>Proven By The Test Of Time Check It Out<==

Do you like I said I have a couple that has shorter timers? what are 8 seconds, and the other one is 6 seconds, now these platforms are geared more for the viewer.

This way you get to view more ads in the same amount of time, which means your sites or getting viewed more times in the same amount of time.

Am I making sense? there are more people viewing your site, in the same amount of time, maybe that will clarify things, I personally do like the shorter timers better.

But I don’t like the platforms that have the charter timers nearly as much as I like “Traffic Ad Bar”, no I’m not saying “Sub-Zero Hits”, is that a scam, are not legit.

Proof Is Everything;

As a matter of fact, I like taking both my websites logging in pulling up my Google Analytics, pulling up my “Traffic Ad Bar”, it is a serf, I like to keep track are the visitors going into my sights.

It is you doing this you can check and see where your traffic is coming from, just surfing the heck out of “Traffic Ad Bar”, and of course traffic add more shows up more than anything.

==>Proven By The Test Of Time Check It Out<== more than three or four times I have seen “Sub-Zero Hits” in the column, with “Traffic Ad Bar”, now as we speak I’m checking in about six or eight different manual traffic exchanges.

And I will be reporting on them in future reviews, but so far, “Sub-Zero Hits” gets its name up there more than the others, so there you have it proof is everything.

In Conclusion;

In my reviews I try to be brutally honest and forthcoming, I would love to sit back here and say traffic ad bar is the only manual Surf site,

But proof shows that “Sub-Zero Hits”, has a place, yes in my eyes this place definitely far blows “Traffic Ad Bar”, but none of them are showing the responsiveness,

As “Sub-Zero Hits”, although it is legit it is not a scam it’s not nearly the traffic exchange As “Traffic Ad Bar” and traffic ad bars funnel alone cops every traffic exchange that I’ve been looking for at.

So the question is will it be worthwhile to work with “Sub-Zero Hits”? Yes, I believe it is, the way I do it, Isle surf on“Traffic Ad  Bar” until I have 100 hits or 150 views.

And when I get to “Sub-Zero Hits” I’ll give it between 25 and 50 views, I’m sorry “Traffic Ad Bar” has proven itself with a test of time, the higher I get up on the phone the more hits I receive.

Even though “Sub-Zero Hits” does give a few more hits or views but if you don’t have, “Traffic Ad Bar” brother you need to get it because you’re losing out on traffic flat out.

I feel in my heart both these platforms pretty much work together, you won’t lose having either or all right both, but definitely “Traffic Ad Bar”

Please leave a comment with any comments or concerns and I’ll be back with you in a day’s time.

Thank You,

Bill Wright



2 thoughts on Sub Zero Hits Traffic Exchange-Review

  • Cogito September 28, 2021Reply

    HI Bill. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing but I already learnt that generating traffic is key to success. To be fair I have never heard before about Sup Zero HitsTraffic platform before, but looking on your post its seems as a legit way to generate extra visits. Maybe its not game changer but still I believe its worth a try and I will be happy to test it in practice.

    • admin September 28, 2021Reply

      No Sub-Zero Hits aren’t the game-changer if you want the  game-changer in traffic try Traffic Ad Bar, because if you surf 100 ads you will get 100 visits, but it might take you a week to get any noticeable traffice 

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