Swing Shift Work Schedules

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Swing Shift Work Schedules

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Swing Shift Jobs;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Swing Shift?

Just who could pull this off and stay healthy? “swing shift” is not the way the human anatomy was designed to do for extended times, I haven’t found 1 of these at Wealthy Affiliate. 

The constant back and forth night and days I’m sure glad I found Wealthy Affiliate, I actually pick my time to work, yeah I can, as a matter of fact, I can pick that time to suit me.

I don’t have to suit my boss I don’t have to come in when the boss tells me to I don’t even have to work 8 hours if I don’t want to as a matter of fact.

Some days I only put in 2 hours but I have been known to put in 8 hours depending on how long my article is and if my laptop is messing up or not.

==>If You Just Need A Little Bit More Input<==

I can even take a day or two off if I really want to the only one I have to please right now is Google, Google does like you have two articles a week.

Some Of Us Just Can’t;

I don’t know about you but once my sleeping pattern is set it’s hard for me to change my time, it’s like at this time of my life, my morning start really

Like around midnight 1 in the morning, the good thing about it is not only that I’m left by myself to get my work done except for those 2 pesty Cats I have keeps me up running.

The reason I picked this time to wake up it’s because my wife having a stroke, in my wife, has always been a perfectionist and this stroke shows nothing less.

Because she’s 100%, and I found out early into the stroke that it’s a lot easier to clean up messy pants while you’re Wide Awake other than waking up having to clean it.

The only tricky part about this is she loves her wrestling, and these fools don’t know how to shut down at six at 7 in the afternoon thank god the Wealthy Affiliate is there 24, 7.

As a matter of fact, these fools aren’t starting until 6 or 7 in the evening some of them run till 9 some of them run till 10, and this makes it a challenge for me.

There Is Always Challenges;

Girls I’m getting old and I’m kinda fickle, right now if I stay up until 8:00 or 8;30 I’ll be up the rest of the night even if I lay down and try to sleep it’s up and down all night.

This is where the 6:00 PM comes in if I lay down at 6 p.m. Set my alarm for 10 this gives me 4 hours of sleep and I normally only sleep 6 or a long night.

So I get up at 10 I put her in her walker at Wheeler to her bed put her into bed change her pants make her comfortable and let her go to sleep.

I’ll lay beside her in my warm fuzzy get a little more rest then I’ll get up and I’m usually pretty well rested except here recently I haven’t been, see with Wealthy Affiliate your time is your time.

Oh the cats, I’ve got them figured out also, watching them I found that they like to be able to go in and out when they want to, so good old Bill leaves the door open just a little bit no more cat problems

My Daily Schedule;

Then I’m open to conduct the services that I need to do online, my morning usually starts off on the manual traffic exchanges yes even with Wealthy Affiliates SEO, it can still take time.

The key one is Traffic Ad Bar, which also funnels traffic to my side then I’ll jump on Sub-Zero hits for about, I have a list of about six or eight of these manual traffic sites and I change back and forth.

==>If You Just Need A Little Bit More Input For Caution<==

But normally during my manual traffic Exchange time I only use about four of these manual traffic changes some of them are 10 seconds long, and some are only six seconds long

I’ll surf these traffic sites for going on an hour and a half, then I jump onto my second income SFI, this takes me about  30 minutes or an hour, depending on the people on my downline.

I have to throw in there I’m sorry this SFI program step into it with “caution”. Just found out that SFI doesn’t really like to payout just checkout the SFI review,


Now after SFI I come home to work LOL after all isn’t home a place you feel safe and comfortable The Wealthy Affiliates is my home, where I’m comfortable.

My home is the place, or I can work when I want to, I don’t have to change from first shift to second shift I can either work first or second shift whichever one I want.

I’m around honest fun-loving people here at home, The Wealthy Affiliate I have two projects I’m playing, I try to alter them back and forth, my first & Main project.

Or should I say website? https://razoredgesurvival.com, on this site I talked about, discuss, and try to help people to survive any and all disasters.

Natural, man-made, our Biblical, in an enjoyable kind of way, because win any disaster happens it’s already too late, my friends to enjoy any scenario.

==>If You Just Need A Little Bit More Input<==

And the other website is https://razoredgeaffiliate.com, on this site I discussed the most important element of all plus some sideline things like manual traffic exchanges.

Identity theft, now both websites are there to find the sharpest means possible for either survival or online marketing, guess what I do it at home and I don’t have to punch a clock

In Conclusion;

Just trying to show the world but you don’t have I work with a company that does split shifts trying to show the world but you don’t even have to work where there’s a time clock.

The best place to work is its home, Woods, beach, Mountain Range, campsite, our picnics just anywhere you have an internet connection.

And nowadays with the hot spots and satellites, you have internet connection just about anywhere, all I know is there are better options, black Wealthy Affiliates

And some company is too cheap to hire enough guys to evenly fill up all shifts without having to rotate their employees from second to first to third whatever,

And definitely better ways of making a living than punching a time clock sticking your nose up some bosses rear-end are being on his poop list.

There are no judgments on you when you’re making a living online, there’s only backing from all your brother and sister in the Wealthy Affiliates Community.

Please by all means leave a comment with any input at all and I will get back to you.

Thank You,

Bill Wright




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