The Railroad Industry from the get go

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The Railroad Industry from the get go

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There Were Railroad Workers Since The 1800s;/h2>

Hi, Bill Hear;

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So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

It’s No Secret;

No, it’s not a Secret, the rail industry has been around since the early 1800s for the most part that the rail industry was one of the higher-paying jobs out there.

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And it still is, but there’s one thing the railroad does have in common with other Industries, it demands a lot of your very important time and a bunch of your backbone.

Depending on what department you’re going into Anna Railroad, the car department is a bunch like a welding shop, with a whole bunch of Dirty Jobs you have to do.

Now if you’re one of the lucky ones or the smarter one and you went to work in the transportation department these jobs are much easier to the point of boredom.

Now probably the hardest job on the railroad would be your track Department and these boys work hard when there’s a derailment or a train wreck.

Just what exactly goes on during a train wreck:

Before I get started on this article remember one thing, there are better and easier Wase to live in this world of opportunity, with this being said let’s enjoy a true-life story.

Long about 33 years ago, my wife’s father called her needing her assistance do not hear this wife passing away, yes I said her father’s wife yes it was her stepmother.

And if you will take a very close look at the wicked stepmother, you would probably find a picture of Maria, and no she wasn’t Mexican or Spanish don’t know where she got that name but.

Anyway, about a month and three days later we were pulling up into her father’s yard, now this doesn’t seem like a big thing and it probably doesn’t make sense why it took us a monkey three days to make it to her father’s house.

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But when you come to think about it I found my wife in a motel across the street from the store that I worked in we fell in love and we fell hard because it was 39 years ago.

That we had offered our marriage to God, yeah the big thing about it she was born and raised in Upstate New York in a small town called Ballston Spa it’s a neighboring town east of Saratoga Springs.

I found the Boston and Maine Railroad;

That’s right the old B & M railroad from back in the day, in fact, we had the Reading railroad come through our yard every once in a while if you can check that one out.

A lot of guys didn’t like us, but we were very lucky because I didn’t make it very good Upstate New York in the framing business.

I’m from Texas I don’t walk on top of 2×4 walls with four inches of snow on top of them, yep very happy when I found that job worked it for almost a week.

Then came our first snow for Upstate New York it wasn’t much put it put about four to six inches of snow on top of the 2×4 and we had to sweep them off before we went to work.

The Way I Found The Rail Road;

So it’s kind of funny I got doing really bad around the first break, so I went home give me and my wife went riding discussing what we were going to do.

After all, this was the first snowfall and I’m merely guessing but I bet there’s going to be a few more, that is the old truck we had the fuel gauge didn’t work.

We Were right on top of an overpass it went over the railroad tracks, we ran out of gas, and I Coasted, as I was coasting trying to get to the other end of the bridge.

Moma noticed this turn off a maintenance road for the railroad workers, didn’t think it would hurt anything if I borrowed their pull off-road for a few minutes, till I can acquire some fuel.

Well before we can even start walking away from our truck a man in a very nice pickup truck pulled up and asked if he could help?

Oh Them No-no’s;

I told him I could have it gone in just a couple of hours, he told me that he had really needed to help me due to me being on an access Railroad right away.

That I needed to move my truck, I guess the white there that he would be right back, he was gone back 15 minutes and when he got back he had a gas can for gas.

We put the gas in my truck, he and I were talking and he asked me why I ran out of gas if I was out of money or something, I told him I wasn’t adding money but I was short.

Then he popped the question, he asked me if I ever worked for the railroad, I said no but I have done some welding in my life, he said I got a proposition for you I don’t know if you want it.

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The work for the railroad, he said in fact not just the railroad one of the older railroads in the United States, the B & M Railroad, yep the Boston Maine Railroad,


I asked him why would I have an issue with working on the railroad especially the Boston and Maine Railroad, he said well you’ll have to go in as a Scab.

You see the railroad is on strike right now, but he thought it would be okay because the strike was just almost over, let me tell you there is not one thing okay and anytime.

About being a scab with a striking Railroad, first, off it was a challenge just getting to work, indeed the strike was kind of laid back compared to what you see on TV.

I, made it through the strike line every time, for however long the strike was on, with no incidents but there was one time a couple of guys went through the line.

I guess they were hopped up this day because when they cross the line, the guys actually stopped the car surrounded it started beating the car up thank God that’s all really happened.

No Human Injuries;

Really it was kind of funny, the guys that they stopped at the line where new haven’t proved themselves yet and it scared the heck out of them.

They came back to the car shop, you see I hired on as a car knocker is what they used to call it all we did was repair Freight cars doing brake jobs and tightening bolts and bodywork where needed.

Anyway, I came back loaded their stuff up, and left, we were really short-handed so they had to hire a couple more men on, and this is where I met two really good friends.

I meant one guy, it was frozen, so we had to put alcohol in the air compressor lines to keep them from freezing up, I was at the compressor Shack doing this operation.

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And across the field come walking guys about my height maybe a little shorter cowboy hat cowboy boots real wrestling look like, his name was Herb Hardy.

Another Texan;

Herb and I Texas hit it off really good both those being from Texas I’m from North Central Texas Little Town Main Denison and herb is from San Antonio.

And later that day we got another guy and his name was Richard Dupree and he was a Canuck, mini heroes from Canada, we3 hit it off pretty good got a lot of work done.

And it was Heavy hard dirty work for the railroad, being car knockers we work directly with the track crew during train derailments Hendricks.

We were the ones in charge of clearing the mainland after a wreck this operation had to be carried on until the mainline was cleared, brakes didn’t matter with this function.

We had one train wreck in Palma Vermont we worked 72 hours, and we work straight through they deliver our meals to Us online and we just stop and eat it and keep working.

Back In The Day;

You know back in the day we didn’t have all this fancy online marketing and internet and internet that chat lines and scams and what I mean to say.

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Yes, they had computers, but the computer sure would not fit in your lap, or on a desktop, or in your hand, or a tablet, or anything like that these computers filled up rooms.

They sure didn’t have a place that you can learn how to build a website, are a successful business online nowadays we have like the Wealthy AffiliateAnd believe me, after 72 hours on your feet it doesn’t matter how thick your souls are the rock ballast on the rail starts hurting your feet bad after about 12 hours.

And it this time if I’d known about the Wealthy Affiliate I wouldn’t have gone back to the railroad at all and by the way, we 3 lasted the strike and got to go full-time just a couple of weeks before that train wreck.

It Was Time;

After three years living in Upstate New York, I guess we finally just had our feel of the cold and the different way of life up there remember I’m from North Central Texas.

Life Upstate New York and life in North Central Texas is way Worlds Apart things are more expensive there are definitely more people hard to get along with up there.

Now don’t get me wrong the New Yorkers weren’t bad at all to live with especially to Friendly ones we’re really friendly and giving but like everywhere dark is bad too.

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No, I’ll just move back and forth from New York to Texas which is about a 3-day trip our funds became really strapped even after making good money with the railroad.

If We Had;

Now, if we had the Wealthy Affiliate during this time, and internet, and all that good stuff, first off I probably would not have been working for the railroad.

But if I did decide to take that Venture all these moving North and South three days this way three days that way wouldn’t hurt quite so bad.

But we didn’t have the Wealthy Affiliate and I never did get used to building apartments and houses in the snow, but the railroad was a good thing.

I could have retired, and this brings up one more interesting point about this little article I have right written, what does a Railroader do when he retires.

Sure I know they get good retirement, but I also know that one gets very very bored without a job or a meaning during the day,

In Conclusion;

In this day and age of internet marketing and websites, The ability to go anywhere and do your job with your family, I Believe In My Heart.

Did a man should get the wealthy affiliate to begin working on their website new domain in their online business prevent time when you have had enough of the railroad is the railroads had enough of you.

You can retire, and along with the retirement the railroad gives you you can make much much more money during your retirement than you could ever make working solely for the railroad.

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Are any other occupation, I guess what I’m trying to say is one needs to prepare for retirement by having that second income other than their retirement.

Just a very quick personal note if I’d have been smart enough back in the day when I first started trying to get this going, I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in now at the ripe age of 65.

I’m starting to do some business with my websites but I had to retire early I don’t get very much money and sometimes it’s just not enough with what I make online but it’s getting better.

Leave a comment about any issues or ideas you have and I’ll be back with you within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright



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