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This Is A Good Place To Start-my online marketing

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What Is The Cost To Start A Business?

Hi, Henry here I’m Bill the publisher of this article’s second-hand man, He uses me as a signal to think about something he really does enjoy writing these articles.

For your enjoyment, and to help you along the way in any way he can, as you read the articles.

I’ll list areas that just need items, these items have links to different sellers.

And they are always relevant words and phrases of interest to items that are hilited, this makes it much easier for you

Instead of looking and finding the seller, then looking and finding the same item, then going through the purchase process.

Instead, you get interested, you click the hilited word’s or phrases, it takes you directly to the proper seller, proper item.

==>Quick Look Check It Out<==

Then all you have to do is make the purchase, hay the good thing is I get a small commission and another good thing is, this commission does not affect the price or this item at all.

My commission is a percent of what the seller makes, so please come in and enjoy yourself, and please don’t worry it isn’t any cheaper to go direct, to the seller on items of interest.

In fact, it’s more convenient for you, and the price is as it is if you went through the seller.

Please come in and enjoy yourself.

Just What’s Left Of The Old Store

This is hard for me to say, My marketing blood began, was before my birth, My grandfather had a small community market, now even though the only thing I can remember of this old store.

Which has been torn down a long time since, but it couldn’t take the one thing, the family genes that are passed down to me from this time, the time of prohibition.

Yeap My grandfather kept the cotton mill district of Denison Texas together, during these civilizations’ hardest economic time when everyone had nothing but during this time the Wright family was noticed.

As one of the wealthiest families in the cotton mill district, we had the first Ice Box, the first cooler TV, and the first Microwave oven, the first

He would run tabs for people, my father which was a teenager at the time would deliver groceries to families that had no way around, and a lot of times my grandfather would just let them ride.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

 Now the building I remember was used as a rent house for a decade or 5 ago My Uncle, now hears a family red neck thing from my marketing family past.

During my time;

My Uncle Bobs full name was William Robert Wright, now I don’t care who you are or where you’re from William Robert Wright cut down to its shortened version

Bill Bob Wright now this my friends is as backwoods, as it comes Hay, Bill Bob what’s up, do you get my point, Uncle Bob was a slow man he had the IQ of a 12-year-old boy that had a drivers license.

He would stake the pop bottles at the store, in fact talking about cost my Grandma Wright Bonnie had the land and paid to get the store building built at first dad had about a dozen items for sale.

Yes, I brought up points that I had no ideas what or how it had happened years before my birth, told to me by my Mother uncle Bob, and Terry before they passed, but you know what family geans don’t get vacant and get torn down,

They live in each and every one of us, ready to come out in traits the thing’s that control the way we look, the things we like, then the way we do things, thing’s we like, my grandfather’s likes, dislikes, and beliefs.

Are just rushing around in my being, past from him to my Dad from him to me so marketing is in my blood, now this just the thing passed onto me through family genes, not Esperance’s.

The Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what I learned

It Was So Early;

My first memories weren’t of Denison Texas, it was of Mesa Verda New Mexico at this time I found out later, Dad was in construction he drove excavators and helped build 2 Damns.

Would be lying if I even guessed which one it was in New Mexico, but he did help on the Denison Dam, when we got back that didn’t last that long, apparently, it was almost halfway complete.

Now there were years even decades that went by, the only thing’s I’m remembering, is learning how to ride my bicycle, pulling up to the front porch, and ringing my bell.

Now when I did this Mom was to run out and see what I needed, but  🙁 she never came out, in fact, she said she didn’t have time to come out every time I rang my bell, oh well I guess every 10 minutes was a bit much.

The neighborhood kids had an army, it was cool kids of all ages could play, we live in these quanta hut’s New Mexico you know, the front windows rolled out to open we were running maneuvers.

Through the huts, and one of the kids ran face-first through one of the windows that was opened, he spits glass all the way to the hospital and cuts all over his face and in his mouth.

War games were over is all I can remember

 Realized Another Person;

I finally realized who this older kid was, that would protect me, the reason I remember this is there was this bully that wouldn’t leave the more timid kids alone Like Me:-).

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

Terry Lee got tired of chasing this kid off and finally told me that he was ashamed of me because the other kid was much smaller than me and that I should just go jump on him and bite scratch pinch.

Just whatever it took, you see he was my big brother Mom I guess told me it was about this time I realized this fact, I was out playing in my front yard, and here he comes.

I go running in, but there’s Terry, my big brother, he plainly explains to me if I don’t go out there and take care of business he was going to whip my butt instead.

Trouble’s Over;

So bam there I went I was all over him Terry told me much later, that the other kid was just full of scratches bruises, his hair was all messed up and he never came back around me.

The one thing that made me realize, this older Kid Terry is my hero and has my mom’s trust, she had Terry and another friend of his take me to put me between him and his friend on his motorcycle.

Cover me up with a blanket so a thing called a cop wouldn’t see us, and took me to this place called a Carnival wow what a place this was, Terry and his friend showed me a great time.

Terry got this really cool container, of toothpicks with this hot stuff in a little bottle called Cinnamon, he would dip them in the cinnamon, and chew on them he let me do it too.

  When I Started Realizing;

Now I realized Terry Lee was his name, and I liked him a lot he was very fun until you wake up before him, get into his dresser drawer, get into his cinnamon toothpicks, get just one toothpick.

And not put the lid of his cinnamon, on properly and leak cinnamon all over his underwear, he was angry about something burning his Ball? what the heck until mom explained it to me LOL washed his boy’s and could of literally,

Well, I found out big brothers also have another positive trait forgiveness. I tested this, the next night or so I woke up still asleep thought I had walked to the restroom to Peed,

Well after mom had changed his sheets, and his shorts, how she did it without waking him up it’s beside me, but thank God for Moms

And Life Went On;

Time went on most of it I’m not remembering due to the age and sporting times through life you will get a few of them I’m sorry the past is why I’m here writing this post.

Time goes on and there’s something’s in my life that has started happening, and I’ve started noticing, for one I’m only going to touch on because I’d like to write another article on Terry Lee.

Anyway, I lost my hero, my big brother, for at the time I didn’t know how long he would be gone at the time, I didn’t know, or realize that it might have been forever.

He had joined The United States Navy, had gone to basic at Sandiago California, then he got to come home, for a couple of weeks, Hears another Wright thing or I should say a Gwen thing, that’s my mother.

The Love For Animals;

And my brother I guess because Terry brought home, from Biloxi Mississippi, leaving CB A school, with orders to this place called Vietnam, an official squirrel monkey, that’s right I said a Squirrel Monkey.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

You See Terry and Mom loved animals I mean All Sorts of animals, so on this note, Mom felt sorry for Molly the little girl’s name, so she goes and finds a little boy Squrile monkey.

Only to find out that they wouldn’t mate in captivity it had to be very controlled in which we didn’t have shit they ran loose in the house, I was embarrassed to bring friends by because, well they stink, and poop everywhere.

Walls, Drapes, down your back, down your friend, back’s not good, not good at all, when you start becoming interested in you know interested in Girls, wow let that monkey poop down her back.

Thank God it didn’t happen.

 Life-Changing Events;

Not much had happened around the home front Dad went from 1 store to 3 by the time, to another home, and a twin-engine Chrisscraft Cabin cruiser, Terry got to come home after a year for a 2-week leave.

While he was home he took the boat out a lot, so much IO missed my time with him he had brought his girlfriend home, so this visit was a bummer for like of a better word.

Terry’s time was up, and it was time for Terry to go back and defined our freedom fighting for South Vietnam, and life went on, Dad tried to teach me the stores at the time I didn’t even realize it.

But Dad was trying to groom me to take over my own store, and I was too busy trying to be popular, after all, it’s hard for a fat kid to be popular. you see I could get what I wanted from the stores.

And I and my paid-for friends loved our candy just from the looks of it I liked it more, 205 LBS in the 5th grade said so, by the time my brother had made it back alive from Vietnam.

High school athletics had got my fat at least down to a controllable amount, Terry and I went our own way I had my younger friends, Terry had got married, and worked in the stores with dad.

And he would bring my friends and me Beer on the weekend, and we would camp out life was great I’m telling you.

Lessons Learnt;

Anyway, I had got a brand new MInie bike for my 14th birthday, it was still a rather cool and wet time of spring, February 27, 1970, believe me, I will never forget this year.

On April 5th right after midnight while Dad was closing the first store, You see every night dad would close, Freads Food #1, then go to Freads Food #2, then of-cores Freads Food #3.

On April 5th Dad had just closed #1 and was getting things ready to like the door when these 2 men came up, dad wouldn’t close the door on a customer, he just wouldn’t.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

This night I wish he had, Robert Jewel and Tom Ferace had more on their minds than trying to talk dad out of some illegal beer, after all, it was probably 12:30 by this time.

They both pulled a gun’s on him, they were going to rob him here and take him to all the stores to clean his daily earnings out, so dad loaded up the $75.00 and all the returned checks as always.

Got them outside and put up a big fight, and they cross-shot on him, he lived long enough to tell the cops who it was and where they said they were headed, the next day they had found.

2 Schlitz tall boys just crushed up beside the store, nowadays this isn’t all that but back in the day they weren’t aluminum cans, the cans were Tin, and a package of cinnamon rolls.

I just woke up I didn’t even know why it was like 03:30m in the morning, I didn’t even know I was by my self so I figured I was hungry like always, so I grabbed myself a snack.

I believe it was cinnamon rolls from the day before, then all of a sudden the door swung open, Terry walked in looked down at me, and said Dad’s been shot dead, the mom was right behind him crying.

Things That Happen’s To A Teenager;

I just can’t explain it, but something like this for some reason tends to change the pattern of thought for a teenager, first off this happened the next to the last week in Middle School.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

In which I missed, now the school let me come up a couple of weeks in my summer vacation and take my finals in which I failed miserably, which helped me make my next decision in life.

I found smoking a little weed helped my pains, along with copious amounts of alcohol, then came the parties, with the alcohol, weed, where I found, speed, and LSD Oh what a wonderful life.

I didn’t even remember my junior year, but that summer, I had only One old green homegrown joint I was almost out in fact I was on my way to Oklahoma to buy some more.

Now to get into Oklahoma you had to cross this 3-mile long dam, when I got almost all the way across Brian county Oklahoma had a roadblock, and damn it you can’t turn around.

 Spent the night in Bryan county’s jail;

Spent the night in Bryan county’s jail in Durant Ok. mom came up the next morning and got me out, me being from Texas,

Bryan county was trying to Hang me over 1 joint that wouldn’t even hardly get you off.

So, Mom got me a lawyer, and the lawyer told me to go into the military and he would get my fines dropped, so there is where my Navy carrier started.

Just a quick rundown, still have the new habits I had picked up, but I went to boot camp at Great Lakes Illinois RTC Recruit Training Comand, “A” School, went to Aviation Boatsman Mate Handler.

From there I went to the first year of my first duty station, Transit line directing aircraft Naval Station Keflavik Iceland, we were on 6 section duty we only worked 24 hours a week.

The second-year Transit line and air cargo and so much for 6 section duty, oh we still stayed up at air ops for 24 hours, but we had to go up to our hanger and pack cargo we got married up with air cargo.

I was getting really tired of 24 hours of the day in the summer and 23 house of the night in the winter the could the wind the hate the people had for us so I filled out my dream sheet, and got my second choice.

The Last 2 Years In THe Navy; Control Chaos

I git orders to the USS America CVA CV66 V1 Fly 1, which meant that I was checking into the most chaotic, dangerous job, in the world Blue shirt on the bow of the flight deck I was there for 6 months blue shirting.

Then they put me tractor driving for the next year, from there they put me watching the landing area in the silver suit, CRASH CREW WOW.

So after a 7-month med cruise, going through the Bermuda Triangle, and crossing the equator, spending Christmas in Rio Dajanairo, my Navy career was coming to an end, boy did I screw up.

Got Married;

First Wife Carmen we had a child Freddy Charles Wright when he was 5 Carmen decided she wanted a free life so I like to give my women what they want so uncontested divorce was offered, and she took it.

Now I won’t lie, I tried to get her back for about 2 years and finally gave up on her after she started dating an Iranian going to college here in Durant at South Eastern Stae University.

She’s Gone;

So here we are finally got to know the other person, Terry, see after all the crap of growing up we drifted he was in the Navy in Vietnam, I was partying, and Terry got out and got married.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

I went into the Navy, while Terry and Pat ran the store down Terry would set in the walk-in and let the neighbor kids run the register, so by the time I got out of the Navy.

Mom had to sell the stores because she couldn’t keep them up Like Dad, and I wonder why, now my first wife was a female dog in heat, bigger than poop, and didn’t like Terry and Pat his wife.

She felt that they thought that they were better than she was I’ll tell you our marriage wasn’t very good at all, Carmen had an inferiority complex bad,

I Finally Met The Other Person;

So with all my background, the first place I went to work was a convenience store, a Dimond  Shamrock, boy I didn’t know it but if dad paid his employees like this, and now I’m wondering.

Because I was working for minimum wage, so I asked Mom how much did Dad make she told me the earnings are small in a store you have to know how and when to invest.

So I asked her the 2,400 dollar question how did dad afforded all the things he kept us in, she looked at me and said she didn’t know except he had a business head.

Anyway, after he and his wife split the sheets and my wife and myself split said sheets Terry and I got to know each other, after 2 5ths of Canadian mist and Milk White Rushings.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

The one and only time I got drunk with my big brother, he got bad with his alcohol, full-blown alcoholic, mean, and can’t play well with others at all it took Mom to control him.

Found My Soulmate;

The next day I went to work at the store, across the road from the store was a motel I notice this lady, and what a Wiggle In The Walk, I met my soul mate.

Jan WOW her full name was Janice L Engram, she was passing through coming from California, where she had lived for a while after leaving her birth home Balston Spa New York.

I Lost Him;

Jan and I had been married for about 1 year after Terry got to hold our daughter, she was about 6 months old, my brother passed away at the ripe age of 38 years young I was 28.

So Jan and I went on with our lives, through MOM’s passing, my uncle Bob’s passing, I welded for some time like forever Jan and I got to talking about the stores.

We figured the store business was too dangerous coming from a man that worked the most Chaotic, dangerous job in the world, I started looking at the possibility of working online.

And The Wealthy Affiliate Was Born.

I found the safe store no direct contact with the public, after all that was exactly what killed my Dad, the public, its name is

And I have opened up my second store which I have more hope than the survival one come on over and take a look and see if my idea is going to work.

Get me back to my true roots, being a Store Owner, It’s a damn sight cheaper, and safer than a brick and mortar business, with a bunch more help than my grandfather and my father had.

In Conclusion;

Tried to show you that with my background I’m the man to help you, with hooking up with the Wealthy Affiliate, that there are thousands of reasons to want your own business, mine was from birth.

I wanted to show you that sometimes, It takes life’s challenges, to build that interest, that interest of being that business owner and that there are cheaper, safer, and more profitable ways.

To own you’re own real estate, and a brick and Morter business.

==>The Sharpest Personal Online Business<==

It’s easy, it’s fun, you’ll have all the help you’ll need to get this business up and going and successful, you’ll have a community that’s will do backflips to see that you’re successful.

So come on and join the sharpest affiliate training, building, taking care of your new website’s needs platform The Wealthy Affiliate.

Please leave a comment with concerns and ideas and I’ll be back ASAP.

Thank You

Bill Wright




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