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Traffic Ad Bar Review

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What Is Traffic Ad Bar About;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles.

As you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for growing an online income.

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest.

But if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission.

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying”.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

 It’s A Traffic Exchange;

Traffic Ad Bar is a traffic exchange, with a traffic funnel, as you can see I’m At the number 10 level a good place to view ads and get visitors to any of your sites, you can offer 8 sites for viewing.

==>A Different Outlook For Online Marketing<==

I know from personal experience that Traffic Ad Bar really works, I have tested a few and haven’t found one that turns out the visitors as TAB.

I can personally prove this because I have checked on it, I know you’re asking just how can you check on this and see if you’re getting traffic from what you’re doing at Traffic Ad Bar?

It’s A Self-Taught Trick

Well, it is a self-taught trick, Let me explain, how I can tell at that time that I’m getting, 1 visiter for 1 1/2 Ads viewed, it takes me 150 ads to get around 115 visitors, or what TAD calls them is hit.

==>A Need To See<==

The first thing you’ll need is your computer, then you’ll need the website that you have going at Wealthy Affiliate, then you will need to sign up for Traffic Ad Bar, and you should have Google Analytics.

If not, you need to keep going on with your training, Kyle will show you how to sign up for Google Analytics, until then just listen and learn.

You’re going to need them all pulled up in separate tabs, pull up your site, then pull up Google Analytics, then you’re Traffic Ad Bar, now while you’re viewing ads.

With Traffic Ad Bar you can watch as your hits are assigned, as you’re surfing, you can switch over to Google Analytics, and actually, watch your visitors come in.

So Yes TAB Works;

So yes this TAB works, and as I can see, better than the other ones, that I’ve checked out, one I surfed for almost a week with nothing, so I stopped using it.

About a week after I stopped, using it I was looking at my Analytics and saw where that traffic exchange, did work just nothing like Traffic Ad Bar.

You can keep up with what level you’re at in the funnel, you see when you start, you start low on the funnel, as you view ads, Traffic Ad Bar, keeps tabs and the more you surf the higher you get.

==>A Different Outlook For Online Marketing<==

The higher you get, in the funnel, the more visitors you get, and yes you can, actually become an Affiliate with, Traffic Ad Bar and make a second income off getting visitors to your sites.

It’s A Win, Win, Situation;

You need more visitors so you find Traffic Ad Bar, for more traffic for more revenue, as you’re getting more visitors to your site, for more revenue.

So you start selling the Traffic Ad Bar on your site to what? that’s right get more revenue, so can you see the Win, Win. because the more streams of revenue you have coming in the better off you are.

==>A Need To See<==

So the more traffic you have coming in just blends into the equation, the more revenue, you just can’t have more revenue without more traffic, which where can you get more traffic.

That’s right Traffic Ad Bar and it only takes about 30 minutes to get the visitors, you’re looking for, and as you’re rankings grow with Google, your traffic will grow, It’s for sure a free traffic source.

In Conclusion;

I know in my heart if you’re needing more traffic to your website Traffic Ad Bar, is the one to go to I have proved it myself personally I’ve even shown you how I proved it to yourself a place for more traffic.

Go ahead give it a try, pull up your website sign in to you’re Google Analytics, don’t have Google analytics get it, sign into the

Traffic Ad Bar, if you don’t have it get it, and start surfing some ads.

Switch between your Google analytics and your Traffic Ad Bar can see the traffic for yourself, now you can see this is proven by me and it’s really a no-brainer.

If you need more traffic get yourself into, Traffic Ad Bar, you won’t be sorry I promise your traffic will boost up 1 to 300 people a day visits you owe it to yourself to check its outcome.

Please leave a comment with concerns or ideas and I’ll get right back to you.

Thank You,

Bill Wright






2 thoughts on Traffic Ad Bar Review

  • Alejandra July 15, 2021Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing a great review on Traffic ad bar, as I’m currently working on my own website, I was looking form some information about how to get more traffic to my website, and I’m glad I found your article and you have explained everything so well, that I think this is what I was looking for, will this work for any niche? 

    • admin July 16, 2021Reply

      yes TAB has been a very good platform please be my guest 

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