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Welding Hot And Hard Work-the-best-way-out

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Welding Shops And Climate Control

This phrase doesn’t make any sense;

I have only had the pleasure of welding in one climate-controlled welding shop in the 50 years I had welded, the name does not go along real good at all.

Clement Control and Welding Shop, not a good mix at all, you’re just as hot and miserable, while you have a 12,000-degree electrical arc in front of you. just wasn’t needed I wish I had known about the Wealthy Affiliate

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As if there wasn’t any climate control at all, that is until you go outside, then you can feel the difference, and when you come back in, it’s nice and cool.

Then you have to strike that 12,000 degrees ARC and in about 10 minutes it’s like there isn’t any climate control at all, HOT and SWEATY! again.

The Rest Of The Welding Shops;

Well, I’ve been a shop welder for the better part of seven-eighths of my adult life, and let me tell you,  welding just flat out means too damn hot makes no difference how you try and stay cooled off.

The fans blow hot air when it’s 102 degrees outside, and welding I’ve got one thing to say WATER!!! or gator-aid and good resistance to the heat of Texas I knew I was probably working on my last job.

I was getting tired, so I went to the Library, looking for something I tried 2 decades ago only to get scammed, online marketing, the company was the Empower system, impressive right.

Well, it turned out bad, I’m sorry I really don’t want to go into details, after all, it was 15 to 20 years ago, and it wasn’t a good thing at all no dought, I just dropped it counted it a failure and forgot it.

Until this day and as time had gone on this all changed, my tolerance to heat started failing I started getting sick in the summer, then my wife of 39 years had a life-changing event.

Things Got Bad;

She had a stroke now my wife was and still is a perfectionist, and I and say this with confidence because now I’ve got to carry her around the house like my life-size anatomically correct Barbie doll, with issues.

The welding shop I gave my time to was letting me go home and check on her for breaks it made me about 5 minutes late every day this was ok with the company.

It was summertime, oh and it was a hot one, my wife’s stroke got so bad that a couple of times I made it home she had slipped out of her chair and went all over her and the apartment.:-( I felt so bad.

About a month after that after we figured out a way to keep that from happening again there was a layoff on Veterans day 3 years ago just ask me if I was happy when they told me they were laying me off.

They told me that it was for the best because he knew what I was going through at home with my wife and all, he did say when the economy straightened up.

I could come back and if I decided to take early retirement, they would work me part-time, well you know what, it’s this whole thing of laying a Navy veteran welder off on veterans day.

Rat In The Woodshed;

And on top of that, I had been there for 3 years, have 50 years of experience, started the parts department to speed up production to lay me off in front of guys that hadn’t got their 90 days in.

Now, this hurts but not as bad as what came to the surface, after the fact.

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You remember me saying I had started the parts department, well there was this supposed to be a friend “Eles” he was an old country Okie, he seemed to be in good health.

He definitely, pulled his load, I noticed he did have a really bad Hernia in the upper gut protruded out enough to be in his way, I really didn’t give this much thought.

He started saying that I had made a real nice working idea the parts department said he’d like to get into something like it or in it with me I said please come on we could keep up easier.

About a month went by he started telling everyone he had stage 4 Cirrhosis Of The Liver, like everyone else I fell for it hook line and sinker.

The truth becomes quite obvious;

Until I was right up front, building parts that were way below my experience as a welder building trailer jacks, then memory slaps me in the face, the son of a gun wasn’t jaundice.

I remember my brother when I was 28 years old he died from Cirrhosis Of The Liver, he had terminal Cirrhosis, a year before they gave him a year he was yellow, yellow eyes, yellow skin, and orange urine.

Elis had no I believe they called it jaundice, the yellowing of the eyes and skin well Eles had non, at this time I knew I had been Had, apparently he spread some kind of BS because it was like.

2 days before this time the doctor put my wife in a rehab center for physical therapy, for 3 months, so things were turning around I’m not thinking in a good way either.

At work, I was alienated from that section, so I loaded my toll box up and went home,  called my landlady, I explained to her what had just happened, all she could say was.

I want my rent on the first and I want it in full, thank God Jan was taken care of, I went to the Employment office, got with the Veterans rep, she got me set up with the disabled VFW unit.

Things are turning around;

A Pappy Pappine took care of me he put me and my little dog in the Laqwinta Inn for 3 days, after the second night about 2:30 in the AM I couldn’t sleep.

Worrying about where I was going to get like I said thank God Jan was taken care of, so I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee, I was pretty broke up had been balling right before I came down.

The young lady that was on desk duty noticed that I had been that way, she asked what’s up? and Iexsplaind and she told me to stop worrying about things this bad.

I told her what’s up, and she laughed and said that she can’t guarantee it but she knows her boss that I should come there in the morning and talk to her, and I did, in fact, she looked me up.

I Met A Real Angle;

For almost an hour, Debbie was her name, the manager of the La Quinta Inn. kept me in her office visiting, then she popped an offer to me.

That Me, My dog, And my wife when she gets out of the rehab center, we could stay in this room that can’t be rented do to the heater being out, as long as needed free.

The lady went to lows and got a space heater that we used very little, she housed us let us take leftover breakfast to the room for lunch or supper.

So while we were there, My old outdated memory snapped out of it, the online business you see in my early retirement brought me $1331.00 a month not nearly enough to live on this is where the Wealthy Affiliate happened.

My wife and I stayed there for 3 months until the stimulus checks came in then we started looking, during the night my wife’s bowels got bad so I would get to sleep, and it would stink and wake me up.

Have Found That Dimond In The Rough;

After 2 days of those, I started just getting up at midnight and go to look, and let me tell you I wish I could have found the Wealthy Affiliate sooner because of course I got scammed a couple more times.

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Thank god there was a minimal financial loss, both times, and on the third time I was looking at some reviews of making money online, at the end I was about to give up for the day.

I got this message that the site was a scam that he knew of a system that will teach me everything I need to know about building a money-making website, and I almost didn’t take it.

Because he said it’s not going to pay me overnight in fact it’s not going to start paying for months, till I learned how to and the WA had everything I needed to build a profitable business out of my passions.

Cooler Things A Coming;

At this precise moment Wealthy Affiliate was born, thank’s to Jerry, Thank You, then came https://razoredgesurvival.com, then came https://razolredgeaffiliate.comand my only regret is I didn’t do this 2 or even 3 years earlier.

So I leave all you practicing welders a word to the wise, you don’t need to clock in every day, you don’t have to suffer another sweltering summer or another shivering winter, or ass hole want to be Christian condemning you.

You can be your own boss, you can learn how to build a very lucrative business from the, most honest, helpful, platform online  Wealthy Affiliate, so come pick your passion and sell it.

After all, what could you sell any better than what you understand and believe in?

In Conclusion;

Yes, I’m Begging you to come on and join Wealthy Affiliate, why because I have learned one thing since I’ve got out of welding, and started my new business, that’s to help people.

So I’m helping you by offering you a way out, of the uncomfortable, unhealthy, unappreciative welding trade, a piece of you’re own section of real estate online, your own Domain, your own Brand.

So come and start getting the perks of a business owner.

Thank You,

Bill Wright








2 thoughts on Welding Hot And Hard Work-the-best-way-out

  • Fatoumata July 2, 2021Reply

    Wow Bill. You have been through a lot and I hope your wife is well now. It’s good that life took turns and you found your passion job.

    Keep it up and things will be much better. I liked your style of writing and your story was quite a good lesson. Thanks for sharing. 

    Wealthy affiliate is indeed a very good platform to start earning online. I hope people listens to you and  register. 

    • admin July 2, 2021Reply

      thank you for your comment the post was to show that marketing is in my blood.

      Thank You,

      Bill Wright 

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