What Is The Best Way To Earn Money On The Internet?

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What Is The Best Way To Earn Money On The Internet?

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Best Online Learning Platforms 2021;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy, 

There are certain criteria;

There are certain criteria for a platform that teaches online business, just what should you look for when you’re looking for an online business.

==>More Input Check It Out<==

Here are just a few things you might look for;

1-week free package;

  • To start free, for at least a week so you can tell if it’s even going to work for you or if it’s what you want.
  • A network with experts for that week.
  • Don’t let the gurus put you in rough waters

    Networking capabilities.A website builder.

  • A Security package.
  • SSL.
  • Analisis.
  • Ice at speed performance booster.
  • A duplicate content checker.
  • A server class of Amazon c4, large
  • A fast hosting speed.
  • A bandwidth of 1,000 visitors.
  • Botnet protection.
  • DDoS protection.
  • To be able to install one website.
  • To try a core certification course for at least ten lessons.
  • Are an affiliate Bootcamp for ten lessons.
  • 50 training modules.
  • With video walkthroughs.
  • A couple of training classrooms.
  • 30 searches with the Jaxxy keyword tool.
  • You get an affiliate search program.
  • The affiliate program will pay you, One X, the amount.
  • Into earn while you learn.

Now, this is quite a lineup for a free trial for a week on most platforms you wouldn’t get all that for a full-time membership, but this is what you get if you go ahead and keep searching.

==>More Input Check It Out<==

And if you keep searching I can say for certain there are platforms out there that offer the list below if you keep looking, but please don’t settle for anything that’s not going to offer what you have below.

I’m here to offer you, Wealthy Affiliates Honesty means a lot to me I’ve been ripped off a few times online and the honesty of Kyle and Carson or second to none honest to a fault.

Pay package;

  • Unlimited live help.
  • Private coaching.
  • Network with the experts.
  • Private access with Colin Carson the founder and co-founders of Wealthy Affiliates.
  • Accelerated help.
  • 24/7 365 days of the year with Website help


  • Integrated training help.
  • Networking capabilities.
  • Website builder.
  • Security package.
  • SSL.
  • Feedback platform.
  • Engagement platform.
  • Analysis.
  • Site speed performance boost.
  • Sat speed extreme.
  • High-resolution database.
  • Automated image compression.
  • A duplicate content checker.
  • A server class of Amazon c4.Large(Dualservers).
  • With an extreme hosting speed.
  • Daily website backups.
  • A bandwidth of 500,000 visits.
  • Instant DNS.
  • Botnet protection.
  • DDoS Protection.
  • 10 website installs.
  • You can host your own domains.
  • Core certification of 50 lessons.
  • Alive class database of yes 400 +
  • Video walkthroughs.
  • 13 video training rooms.
  • Unlimited searches with the Jaxxy keyword tool.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Site rank tracking.
  • The brainstorm engine keyword search.
  • The alphabet soup keyword search.
  • Keyword list management.
  • Niche keyword word list.
  • An affiliate program search.
  • Affiliate program management.
  • 2x commissions with your affiliate programs.
  • Earn while you learn.
  • Training cash credit program.
  • Site comment cash program.
  • And a super affiliate incentive.

Now while you’re out looking for an online marketing platform that offers all of the things for free and the things in the second category for just $19.00 for the first month and just $49 a month thereafter.

Let’s Launch This Thing

Please don’t settle for it if they don’t offer what I’ve laid for you above and below, because I have such a company, such a platform it’s called The, Wealthy Affiliates

When you sign up here these guys will show you how to sell and make a very profitable living off of your passions, and if your passions ain’t what Google’s looking for the rankings,

Then by all means sell The, Wealthy Affiliates because Google loves them.

Take Me For Instance;

My first website was a flop the name was too long I mean after all billscuttingedgewebsite. com is more than anybody wants to tap into a search bar.

I felt like it wasn’t doing any good because of that name I couldn’t get any visitors hardly, so after a year’s time, I decided to let it go I don’t even think it’s still in Google’s search engine.

try another website, I believe it’s going to be much better its name is razoredgesurvival.com, a man after 3 months I started getting all sorts of visitors using my traffic ad bar.

==>More Input Check It Out<==

After additional six months, I noticed I was getting a lot of traffic but I wasn’t getting their information, are any sales so I started to go back in my memories.

Noticing the difference;

People that signed on during the same. I did was actually getting visitors to their site 6 and 7 months before I even thought about changing.

And getting paid so here’s old Bill with his survival website looks good I think it’s interesting the razoredgesurvival.com  I have a lot of stuff in there to offer people that will help them to make it through a disaster comfortably.

But I’m beginning to believe it’s a lot like the weight loss niche, fat people don’t care if they’re fat the activity on my very first website shows that.

This is one of the reasons that I went ahead and drop that the first website, yeah I’m getting a lot of visitors but no one cares if there’s an EMP attack and there’s no electricity for centuries.

My third attempt at a site;

So I begin boot camp I’ve gone almost halfway through it a lot of it is repetitious because I already went over it in the first training but within three weeks.

My visitors have beaten my survival website hands down, I’m believing is because the name is Razor Edge affiliate. Com and Google picked up on it real fast and started index and my content within 2 weeks.

If I was within the other company there’s no way that I could have got done with what I have got done here with Wealthy Affiliates.

There’s a bunch of different systems you can do out there and there’s a bunch of them they’re legit but with Wealthy Affiliates, you get to learn how the gurus do it.

==>More Input Check It Out<==

You don’t have to depend on them by George you can make your own domain name build your own site and start your own thing online it might take a minute.

But it’s worth every bit of that minute, I promise you that.

In Conclusion;

There is a whole group of platforms or communities out there that are just flat-out ripoffs, and there’s a group out there that are legit.

Pretty much promise you though all the ones that promise you to be able to get rich overnight without no effort you need to keep a close eye out on them.

Remember one thing if it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true there is nothing in this world just handed to you.

The harder you work for it the better off you appreciate what you do yet the more you’ll know to keep the idiot gurus from taking your money without giving you any return.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliates is the only platform where you can build your website and get your domains and all that help and training you need.

For the price in front of the most honest individuals, I believe I’ve ever met online are off Kyle and Carson are the bomb as busy as those 2 or they will drop what they’re doing to lend you a hand.

Please leave me a comment on any concerns or ideas and I’ll be with you within a 24-hour.

Thank you,

Bill Wright



2 thoughts on What Is The Best Way To Earn Money On The Internet?

  • LineCowley July 17, 2021Reply

    Hi there, I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate offers you a world class training, while you are part of a supportive community that are always willing to answer questions and offer advise. What first attracted me to them was that I could start the training for free, which gave me the opportunity to see if affiliate marketing was for me or not. Wishing you success with your third website. 

    • admin July 18, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment hope you are enjoying the WA 

      Bill Wright 

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