What Should I Do When I Retire

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What Should I Do When I Retire

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Internet Marketing Training Course;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, you would pay directly.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Just Find The Best Door For A New Career;

What was I doing? when I decided to find the perfect door to build that perfect business, It was 2 years ago, we live in Durant Oklahoma a medium-sized south-central Oklahoma town.

It was a very hot and miserable summer 3 years ago, I was working as a class “A” welder fabricator, with a Cristin company Southeastern Manufacture, which built very large Frack tanks.

For drilling and mining, and Commercial Refuge compacting units yes, in other words, great big trash compactors.

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Did they use them in big department stores construction sites I know you saw them, well, we built the Cadillac let me tell you this about that?

Shortly after I was there I started a little Department call the parts department before this time they built the parts as they went.

So they would have to stop production of the unit just bills parts.

Things Were Going Good Until;

My life was starting to change from our comfort zone to a sporting event for lack of better words, at this time I would get up at 05:00 so I could make the 06:00 work time.

My wife of 37 years at the time, would get up about an hour after I had left and her day would begin now let me tell you at this time you could have eaten of the restroom floor.

She was a great stay home mom and wife she took care of everything while I worked, it was working very well for us until my wife decided to through a wrench in the works.

She started having something happening I didn’t understand at the time till we got her to a hospital one day she was minutes, couldn’t stop crying.

So we headed to the hospital in Denison Texas it was just 20 miles from our apartment, just across the red river state line, where they diagnosed her as having a major stroke.

Sporting Changes;

Thank God for the company I worked for, they would let me go home every day at the break, and check on her, and render aid if needed, damn I always went home for lunch.

More than once, when I went home for a break or lunch, my wife fell over in her chair because she was losing the ability to sit straight in a chair.

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She was in cognate both ways, so there would be my either break or lunchtime change my wife pants and set her up straight in a chair I went to blocking her up with pillows so is all said and done.

This would have been pretty good for a few months I’ve been at Southeastern manufacturing for a year than what her stroke started, this went on for a good six months like this the company was working with me.

On A Search;

I’m not very trusting so even though they claim to be Christian, with me having to take all this time off to go home and check the last even though it was during the break it took me longer than the given 10 minutes to get home and back.

Sometimes it would take me as much as 20 minutes to get there and change her and get back to work, so I started feeling kind of uneasy about this.

And I went to look for something else, I knew it needed to be something from the house cause of my wife’s condition, if time was going on she was getting worse of course.

He got to where I went from leading around the house by both hands to having to pick her up and put her in her walker and Wheeler through the house.

She had basically lost all movement from her waist down, so I started looking at online businesses, got scammed a few times even lost money a couple of times.

I was reading a review and this gentleman called Jerry Haun, and the company was the message me back telling me that the system I was looking for was a pyramid scam that he had a for-sure business opportunity for me.

So I Took Him Up On His Offer;

He said the company was The Wealthy Affiliates, he said there I can learn how to build my business or website and forget about working for my time.

Now the next few months turned out to be pretty exciting with this offer he’s giving me, with the Wealthy Affiliate although I didn’t have a computer at the time.

My loving wife would cut me loose to go to the library, this was kind of getting old pretty quick, how’s the workload had slowed down just a little where I had a little extra time I wasn’t working like overtime.

I go to the library for my hour go to the lessons that it was offering the things were going really slow because you know one hour at a time give me a break.

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Then I’ll send a hat all the time in the world that wonderful new boss laid me off, said he noticed the time I was having taken care of my wife.

So we thought it might be better if I had more free time, I said oh thank you sarcastically, and the worst part about it was the boss that gave me all of my freedom was standing right behind him back in him.

He Thought He Was Helping;

His exact words that he noticed what my day consisted of, have to run home and take care of my wife every day, a couple of times a day, so he put it off like he was helping me.

But he needed somebody to lay off, now this was a nasty thing that this so-called buddy pulled on me to make a long story short Elis lied and took my part’s job.

So they put me right up in front of the office door building jack stands for trailers, where I will be the first thing they looked at when they came out of the office door.

Which didn’t go well for me, you see I’m an older man myself and I have an eye condition called diverticulitis, and sometimes with this condition, you have just got to sit down.

And they didn’t like that, this was right before they called me into the office and explain to me the way my day was running, and laid me off.

And there you go I lost one of the hottest and most miserable welding jobs I’ve ever had, and I never liked being in the lime lite.

The Wealthy Affiliates is the secret

The Next Sporting Issue;

So after getting laid off I went to the house when I got home I stopped at the mailbox and got the mail, in the mail was a letter from the doctor.

The letter was stating that he was putting her into a rehab facility for 3 months for physical therapy, now if anybody says there’s not a God, they needed to have been in my shoes this day.

Because when I went in I told my wife about being laid off she said well don’t you think we ought to call the landlady, I said you know baby that’s probably a very good idea.

No, she’s been really good with me so far because sometimes I just didn’t have all the rent should let me ride a day or two to finish it up as long as it was paid up by the first.

So I called her and I told her Miss Beverly I have bad news for you Mam, oh yeah what’s that, so you may have to give me a little relief for a Payday or two they laid me off.

There Went The Understanding;

Yea you can take the southern hospitality and through it right out the window, there wasn’t any hesitation in her voice at all, she said I want my rent on the first on time and I want it all.

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So take a guess what I did next, I mean the wife was in a rehab center, so I went to the employment office to see about finding another job before the Wealthy Affiliates.

While I was in there talking to the veteran’s rep lady she said she had a job and I came back and I said well do you have a place to live, and she said I might be able to help you with that.

So she called the disabled VA unit here in Durant, a man by the name of Pappy Pappin, set me up for 3 Days in La Quinta and of all places.

I told him you didn’t have to go that nice that the Budget Inn would be just fine, dang he kind of boat up and said I can get a better price at the La Quinta Inn by far.

He Had A Deal With The Manager;

So I left my little dog out in the car I was afraid she may have to be sleeping in the car, I went in to introduce myself to the manager which was not there.

Show the girl at the front desk knew all about it and she got me checked into a room, I asked her if they had a can or something for my little dog could stay.

She said that their Motel was pet friendly that my dog is more than welcome to stay there probably more so than me. So I and my little dog moved in.

For the next day or two, we could go early in the morning and get my wife up getting ready for the day take her down and eat breakfast with her at the rest home.

The first day we got some bad news the doctor put her in there for 3 months for physical therapy, well the rehab center, said, her Medicaid would not cover physical therapy.

She had to stay there a month to show up keeping the Medicaid in the advantage program for all the other perks.

Met A Real Angle;

Because of having to go to the nursing home every day and be with my wife I started going to bed a bit early for the next few days.

And working on my website on the hotel’s computer hey I could spend two or three hours doing Wealthy Affiliates, this was a win-win situation, until the end of the second day.

That mad at midnight when I woke up I had some got off of thoughts in my head where it was with me and my dog going to go this was the last day.

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Well, there was a young lady working the desk, noticed that I was pretty upset, and asked me what was wrong, I told her that today was my last day, yeah I was really worried about where I and my dog were going to get.

She said mister you don’t need to be worrying about stuff like this you’re going to give yourself a stroke, I said that’s nice but I’m still worried about where I’m going to go.

Her Boss Was A Great Women;

She told me she couldn’t guarantee it, but she knew her boss, and her boss wasn’t going to let any veteran, sleep on the street, that she was a good woman.

That I should come up here in the morning when the clock says 9 and talk to her boss her name was Debbie, so when I got back from the rest home.

I looked her up or should I say she found me, call me and her office and we visited for a good hour, and finally she told me, she said Mr. Wright I have a room upstairs that I cannot rent.

She said the heater was out the room was in good shape she just couldn’t really do to the heater, so she told me I was more than welcome to move into that room with my dog.

Until I can get on my feet and get another house, I told her about my wife in what had happened that she was only going to be there a month where I used the hotel computer to work on the Wealthy Affiliates.

The Angle Shows Her Face;

Debbie told me if I was still there in a month that my wife was welcome to move into the room with me and my dog, this lady let me my wife and my dog.

Stay at the La Quinta Inn for 6 months free of charge. In fact, would let us eat breakfast and take the breakfast leftovers to the room so we have something to eat.

Why we were there, the first battery is stimulus checks came in, I was stupid I didn’t even know what all that money was for, after all, I’m not one to watch the news I’m sorry.

My bad, so anyway I took all this money I had and went up and bought myself a laptop, course while we were at the La Quinta Inn we could use their Wi-Fi.

A New Apartment;

We found a new apartment not too far away from the motel cause I knew I wasn’t going to be able to afford Wi-Fi, who’s my wife’s condition worsening.

I come to the realization that I wasn’t going to be able to go out and get part-time jobs to make ends meet, so every morning when my wife was asleep.

I will go to La Quinta Inn go in and log in and do my business there that look went in for a couple of hours then head back to the house before my wife woke up.

==>Hears The Secret Check It Out<==

This went on for a minute, it all said we got a second battery of stimulus checks, guess what I did? I went to boost and bought myself a hotspot.

So here we are in this little bitty apartment just pushing the heck out of Wealthy Affiliates and learning a new business.

In Conclusion;

The conclusion of this whole case scenario is if you have this system, don’t let it go, even if you don’t need it right now you might at a later time.

And normally it will be too late, and it will be a lot harder learning, building, and advertising you’re a new business, although it is doable, I know this.

Because I’m living proof, although it would have been more comfortable if I already had some of the commissions from my online business.

It sure would have been better, it is going much better now but at first, I had to retire early because of my wife’s condition and Southeastern manufacturer, BS move I was living on $1331.00 a month.

==>Hears The Secret Check It Out<==

And if I had, had this going to this stage we would have been a lot better off, so please take my advice and do not procrastinate.

You’ll regret that move not to join the Wealthy Affiliate, I know I have, I really enjoy building my business at Wealthy Affiliate.

Leave a comment on issues and ideas and I’ll be with you within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


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