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What To Do After The Military-navy active duty

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Ways To Make Second Income For Our Heroes;

Hi, Bill Hear;

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My First Duty Station;

Well, Navy Boot camp wasn’t all that bad although It had changed since my brother was in, and mind you they said the navy never changes.

Because my brother explains to me, the Navy dentist pulling all the teeth his civilian dentist Dr. Tang had put fillings in the death put in his mouth out, ” With Out Any Pain meds at all.

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Also, incidents of them beating the hell out of them, because while hanging their laundry on the line if they didn’t have 3 fingers between the garments.

And of course, he didn’t get his choice of Duty stations at all he was a Navy Seabee, relationship Tim right after Vietnam but he liked it so much you stayed there two tours.

In fact, ABH-A school was just a little tougher on us than the boot camp, there we didn’t get to skip any key elements like the gas house although they didn’t have a gas house there.

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We hit everything else it didn’t matter if we were the last company in the Vietnam era or not, although they weren’t as physical on us as they were in Terry’s day.

Time To Fill Out The Old Dream Sheet;

Me being an Airedale there was a very good chance that I might get stationed on a CVA Carrier, which meant attack conventional carrier.

And I really didn’t want to go aboard an aircraft carrier, I was only 18 just turned 18 and after what I just learned salt in a BHA School, well I almost regretted my decision you coming to an ABH.

So guess what my first choice was? Landbase, then I chose an LPH, this ship is like a low-key aircraft carrier, it has no resting gear it has no catapults.

But it does have a whole bunch of helicopters vertical takeoff and Landing aircraft and three times the ship’s crew in Marines, these vessels are Marine carriers.

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Are my third choice was an aircraft carrier, at that time it was with a hard prayer that I would not get to that last Duty station, at this time I was definitely worried about it, yes even afraid.

I Got The Second And First Duty Station I Requested;

The Navy was very kind to me they actually gave me my first and second choices, I know you’re asking how can anybody get two choices out of their free choice request.

Well let me explain to you I got an isolated Duty station which page sea Duty in my ABH Rate our job automatically paid me hazardous duty pay, regardless of I was on land Bese or sea Duty.

==>A Second Income For Our Heros<==

Show my first land base was Naval Station Keflavik Iceland, I was guessing at this time that it was on the flight line somewhere.

But this time I wasn’t too worried about anything I got to go home for 3 weeks’ leave, yep maybe gave me time to be a civilian one more time before I shipped out to my first Duty station.

So After 16 Days;

This being my first leave I didn’t know if I should be taking off early or not, of course, me wanting to be a 40 Sailer, which is the Navy’s ranking system for an individual.

I left four days early, mom took me to DFW International Airport, for a flight to LaGuardia International Airport in New York, from there we caught a military hop.

Although this aircraft was a civilian 727, it was changed over to a military 727 the big difference was all the seats in this aircraft were turned around backward.

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This is military protocol it’s a safety thing if aircraft crashes, I guess military people are allowed to use the back of their chairs during aircraft crashes, and civilians have to put their head between their knees LOL.

Flight To Iceland;

I have ridden on a few aircraft at this time of my life, a lot of it mom was taking me to go pick up my brother when he was coming home on leave.

But never one that lasted 12 hours, now this was early springtime, and I didn’t have a whole lot of really warm clothes, but I had my winter dress blues, and that’s what I wore.

With my Peacoat, so here we are in a dark plane riding backward, for 12 hours, we thought, we got over Keflavik Iceland, the announcement came over the intercom.

That we were sent back to Tully Greenland because they were having a bad snowstorm in Iceland,  all of this is happening at night or we’ll call it Dark Thirty.

Our Stay In Tully Greenland;

So almost exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes later we landed in Tully Greenland, where there were about 20-foot snowdrifts with whiteout conditions. Tully Greenland is an Air Force Base,

From the aircraft to the terminal we had to hold onto a rope stretched tight, 20 or 30 ft snow drifts on our right, the aircraft against nothing but a white wall.

Me being from Texas have never seen anything like an arctic whiteout OMG, it had been dark for so long I wasn’t even sure what time it was.

I know I got into the barracks I had his put in it was nice and toasty warm in there and there was like about a 4i” roll of ice along the inside bottom of the windows.

Something else a Texas boy has never seen, they told us if they were having to park the aircraft that we were in, in a hangar, with the tail section sticking out of the door,

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They filled it keep it running all night long so they wouldn’t have to D-ice it the next morning, I’m not really sure what time we took off you know I’m guessing it was probably about 10:30 maybe 11 AM.

What Did I Get My Self Into;

I don’t know but it was a one-hour flight from Tully Greenland, to Naval Station Keflavik Iceland, during this one-hour flight out of the port side of the aircraft.

We watch the sun come up and go down and it was dark by the time we landed and was led off the aircraft, and the same exact conditions as Greenland.

==>A Second Income For Our Heros & After Discharge<==

Although I knew exactly what time it was when I got there it was 13:30 this being 1 p.m. In civilian time and it was dark, dark thirty, so they took us and all of our belongings to BEQ 750

The First Danger Of Living In An Artic Land;

No one like so everyone bought the dungarees, tractor walking all over this Frosty and frigid post, we were told never to cross a ditch always go to where the vehicles are pulling in and out.

They said the bar ditches are like 6′ deep and full of fluffy snow, and if you trip or fall, and knocked yourself out you wouldn’t be seen until the big melt-off.

So we wish the personnel got out of her purple chicken and Gyro self-checked into personnel, we went to Medical and got ourselves all checked in to the medical Department.

==>Check It Out If We Only Had The Internet<==

Then it was by Dental, from dental we had to go by Supply and get our cold-weather clothes, and from there we had to walk up to Air Opes and check-in at our work station.

We got to our workstation where we met the crew that we were going to relieve, in about a month, after all, they had a bunch of training to do with this one.

Here We Are My First Sporting Event;

We got to meet our fly, PO Jerry Goddard, and we got to meet the Air cargo PO John Carroll, there were about 45 I was checking in.

In First Class, Carol had two guys he was picking up to take across to the hangar where they worked out in Air Cargo, there wasn’t anybody sitting at the desk where a two-way radio set.

Shut down it went to put my feet up on the legs of the chair oh my God both of my hamstrings I guess your rear find the big muscles in the back.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

Cramped uptight they were so bad it made me sick at my stomach, my PO first-class Goddard, help me to the Next Room, where there were four bunks.

I lied to Moon till my legs loosened up, it went out with the rest of the guys Jerry asked me if I was doing better and I said yes, so he started explaining to us new guys what our role was there.

Our Duties On Transit Line;

Here I am giving the thumbs up, to the pilot’s it’s10:00 Am

They explained to us that we were on 6 section Duty, in other words, we were to report at that office we were at for one 24-hour. A week.

Yes, you heard me right one 24-hour. During the week, so I asked Jerry what do we do for the rest of the days in the week, Jerry Grind real big.

And said get creative, you’re off it’s your time, you don’t have to work until it’s your duty day, he said there’s a gym, theaters, Rec Hall, all sorts of schooling.

And of course, you have, the Midnight Sun, the EM Club, yeah that’s right the enlisted men’s club, at the time I didn’t even have to ask if an 18-year-old person could have alcohol.

==>Check It Out If We Only Had The Internet<==

Because if you remember back if you’re old enough 1974 they change the drinking age from 21 to 18, so I was legally ready to go yeah buddy.

My Duty Started the next day, so I went back to the barracks got to know the guys, and I must say the guys that were already there were pretty colorful fellows,

My First Day;

The weather had come down quite a bit on my first day of Duty, they have plowed the ramp and all the taxiways, in the active Runway.

The first thing we did, we had to pull dailies on the yellow gear, you always doing this the fellow I was working with explaining to me do your job.

He said we were in the Transit line the reason for the 24-hour Duty is there had to be somebody up at our Ops for 24 hours because of Naval Station Keflavik Iceland.

Is an emergency fueling port for any country, yes during my time and Iceland I directed Russian during the Cold War Germans, Canadians, Swedish in the list will go on for a long way.

==>The Second Income & After Discharge For Our Heroes<==

We’ve been there for about an hour, it was zero8hundred in the morning and still night time Dark Thirty, so Jones put me in a follow-me truck,

We Were The Ones That Drove The Follow Me Truck;

It comes on we got to take a ride, I looked at him baffled, he told me that I would be doing multiple trips around the Taxiway, because we had to know this area really well.

Because during a whiteout and if a plane comes in needing fueling, we have to go out and find him and lead him around to the ramp, safely.

It was funny as hell, as we went around the ramp he like it was nothing and lit up boul of Hash, he looked at me and said he had been checking me out and decided to take a chance.

==>Check It Out If We Only Had The Internet<==

To see If I like to indulge in Pot, that he was sorry but all they smoke up there was Marijuana Hash, so these boring 20 mile drives every couple hours got much more enjoyable.

Our First Aircraft;

Then the air traffic controller Pokemon radio and said that we had a c-141 do it in about an hour, we were pretty much on our Return part of the trip so we hurried up.

Got there about 10 minutes before the airplane landed, my trainer which only had a couple of months left before he went to his next Duty station directed the first airplane to show me exactly how it’s done.

We would only get maybe three or four airplanes today, yeah Mabel station Catholic icing was really laid-back, it is the snow melted, on the first floor barbaric flooded.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

In the days got longer and longer and longer before you know it where is outside at 10:30 at night sunbathing, then the sun would come down and go down about 11:00,

We go to lunch eat to get back to the barracks just in time to see the sun come up Again, Summers are fun in Iceland unless you got to find the corner to pee in.

Every Day Was The Same;

Unless you were on duty one 24-hour day a week, you were off it was a little tough getting off base passes toss the Icelandic people do not like the Americans.

More than once they’ll be at the front gate throwing rocks at us if we try to leave, yes the Icelandic hybrid for us Run Deep for one big reason “cockroaches!”.

That’s right Iceland was 100% cockroach-free before the United States put the Navy airbase. At their International Airport. And the Cockroaches run rapidly.

==> A Second Income For Our Heros & After Discharge<==

Anyway, before the weather got cold got really tired of going to the m Club are sitting in the barracks drinking beer and smoking hash.

The Most Interesting;

I walked up to where the helicopters are at yes we have a search and rescue helicopter Squadron, these boys are always looking for flight hours.

So I thought I’d, accommodate them, and I asked them if they’d take me up for a ride in one of their helicopters, the pilot said sure.

==>Check It Out If We Only Had The Internet<==

So we took off he’s about 9 in the morning, or should I say 0 900, This Crew took us completely around the island of Iceland, we got to watch the sea lions playing on the coast.

We got to go up into the Arctic Circle the crew gave me an unofficial blue nose, before we got back they took us over the volcanic areas where all the volcanic action was at the time.

Touch And Goes;

And we got back to the helicopter area, I don’t know if you folks know what touch-and-goes are, it’s where piolets most of the time in fixed-wing aircraft and even fighter jets.

Make an approach just touched her Wheels to the Runway, then throttle up and take off again, it’s not a boring thing in a fixed-wing aircraft I mean it’s kind of exciting.

==>A Second Income For Our Heros & After Discharge<==

But when you go to making an hour and a half worth of touching goes in a helicopter, it’s like as the router makes its familiar sound Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa, land.

And then throttle up and that sound Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa Wapa, about 30 times like I said for a good hour and a half, which by the way was the most boring time I had in Iceland.

But I got out of the EM Club and laying around the barracks. although in our barracks there was a large Center room a Reck Room, it had a pool table, a soda machine into beer machines.

And not a snack machine one but the chow hall was only 2 Barracks away and serve 24 hours a day so snacks weren’t a problem.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

And just up the street was a vendor that sold Icelandic hot dogs, they were called pilsners, they come to equipped with a lamb dog grilled and raw onions sweet mustard, and hot ketchup.

And was to die for.

Better Things To Do If There Was Internet;

There was a much better and more constructive thing to do while I was in Iceland I fess up instead of going to the EM Club getting drunk in the barracks smoking the hash.

At the Personnel they had classes School classes I could have gone as high as my bachelor’s ° if I had to use my head, but do you think you’re going to get an 18-year-old man to do something like that. NOT!!

It got so bad I even went up to Air Ops on my off time it rode around taxiways with the on-duty crew, of course, you knew what we were doing when we went out there other than learning the taxiway.

Or at least you thought you knew our duties were pretty full out there if there was any kind of aircraft coming in and it was seagulls around the Airfield we had to run them off.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

Iceland is famous for its long-haired sheep, which the Icelandic people make very warm clothes out of but they get loose on their runways, in what was part of our duties while we were out on runways.

Yep chasing sheep and seagulls, off the runways.

The seasons go on;

Has fall approaches the days to get really short really quick in fact the long days only lasted about a month by the time winners got there.

He was totally reverse different from what it was in the spring the days start getting shorter than that start getting longer before you know what you’re standing outside at 10:30 in the morning.

As if it was 10:30 at night and once again the night only lasted about an hour get about duskish, and then Carter’s 2 p.m. become a lot easier to find.

In fact, if you’re not time liver the winner is wonderful in Iceland.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

Anyway, this routine went home for the first year of course as winter went on I found out why we needed to make so many trips out on the taxiways it wasn’t just a party.

The first aircraft during whiteout;

We got the word so we headed out closer to the end of the runway where the rent cross the runway and after the aircraft landed and went by us we drove out on the runway.

Turn the truck around I’m turned on the follow me sign, and sure enough, you could not see where the runway in Rockfield begin Four Corners were.

==>Check It Out If We Only Had The Internet<==

But after being out there so much during the summer you can actually picture them even though you can’t see them, and so our first plane was led safely to the ramp.

I got out drifting parking signaling to hold his brakes and we chalked him down and tied him down, so our cargo could step in and do their job.

Choices Have To Be Made;

This routine went on for the whole year, now Iceland is isolated Duty because of the weather cause the people didn’t like us and we were restricted from leaving the post.

After about six months this kind of loosened up a little bit, show me and a buddy decided hey let’s go to Reykjavik and see what’s going on Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland.

So it was late by the time we got to Reykjavik we decided hey let’s go have a drink at a nightclub, we turned out really nice at first we’ve had a great time,

Even the people seem like they were enjoying our company, I saw this lady sitting all by herself real pretty lady Icelandic girls are hot I’m here to tell you, Swedish type of people, blonde-headed blue-eyed & long-legged.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

Anywhere I asked this lady to dance, is she said okay and are the Icelandic language we danced, and believe me it was just a dance I didn’t try silly American stuff.

We got done I walked her back to the table her husband was there she introduced me I reached out to shake his hand he Reached right out popped me right in the nose.

A Good Time Spoiled?

Will you think it would have spoiled our good time, but the club ushered him right out the door treated me like a VIP because it almost caused an International Event.

Show the map went on we still had a good time had a few more dances around any problems I hooked it back to Keflavik. This first year in Iceland was definitely a learning experience.

I definitely enjoyed it because I only had to be there for 1 year like I mentioned but I really upset for another year can you guess why it’s the aircraft carrier the most chaotic place in the world to work.

Showing up to stay in Iceland for another year, after all the work schedule is really tough I mean Duty for 24 hours then the rest of the week you’re off on a busy day there’s five aircraft.

==> We Had The Time Just Not The Internet Check It Out<==

The two leading Petty officers John Carroll and Jerry Goddard Jerry being my PO we’re lifers up there in fact Jerry Goddard married an Icelandic woman who has flat-out moved up there.

John Carroll, I don’t know whatever happened to him I don’t know if he stayed up there longer or not that was many years ago.

In Conclusion;

This whole post in fact the next few posts are all created mainly for your enjoyment there isn’t any push to join anything, although I will give you the links all through this post.

==>A Second Income For Our Heroes & After Discharge<==

So if you want to you can join the same community that the person that gets to write enjoyable articles like this, is a member of, Wealthy Affiliate is this post’s main purpose.

It shows our military people, that it’s a good idea and they have plenty of time to break off into Wealthy Affiliates and begin their own online business.

Yeah give him much more money than their base pay, and when they get out or retire they’ll have a second income other than their retirement.

I’ve had a great time working with Wealthy Affiliates I have two websites, and believe me, working with something like Jaxxy will get groups of people to your websites.

So please enjoy the read and I had a very colorful time while I was in the Navy and probably the next 4 or 5 posts will probably be on the Navy.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


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  • Stratos K September 22, 2021Reply

    This was a nice read. I always enjoy such stories that show people’s lives and how they came by. From your long post it shows that you have a lot of memories to share from when served and it’s absolutely amazing that you share all this with us. Thanks for such a nice article!

    • admin September 22, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment it’s okay it’s not exactly what I was asking for but yes I do have a lot of memories there’s another post before this one it was my time going through boot camp I was going to give my whole Navy career it’ll be about four to six more post.

      Just trying to show her military people that they do have time to build an online business with a wealthy affiliates let me know if you think this is a good idea or not. 

      My email is bw022756@gmail.com

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